Thursday, July 1, 2010

Living Life in the Slow Lane in the U.P.

This has been such a nice break to be up here at my parents house! Everything is so much slower and laid back in the Upper Peninsula. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to...

Wild raspberries-they'll be ready in another month or so.

The DNR has decided to block all of the access points to a bunch of trails in the woods that we have used for over 15 years (as well as all the neighbors) for snowmobiles and 4 wheelers. They just pushed up dirt and longs and branches to block it.

Maddie is so happy to be up at the lake! She keeps really active and that helps her move better.

This is a little fox that visits every night. I can't believe she comes still with Maddie's scent all over the yard. She was really skittish so it was very hard to get a good picture.

Checking out the cracked corn for the ducks.

Headed to Mackinac City...

The guardrail on the Mighty Mac (Mackinaw Bridge).

Mackinaw City

Scalawags! My FAVORITE!!

Chicken fingers basket-YUM!

More Mackinac City...

 Harbor Wear-my favorite place to get a t-shirt.

We actually went to a garage sale today!

More Mackinac City...

The sunny skies can be was only 57 degrees while we were in town.

Heading toward home, with a quick detour through St. Ignace.

We're getting ready to go fishing-maybe I'll have some fish to take pics of...but then again...maybe not!

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