Friday, July 23, 2010

A very cool post-you have to check it out!!!

I just read a very cool post from a very creative blogger! Cathe at Just Something I Made scanned and posted some vintage labels that are free for anyone to use from her site. That is really awesome-LOVE it!! As you scroll down, she shows some of the things she has made with these labels...

The apothecary jars are nice, and even a project I could do, but it's the bath towels that gave me goosebumps! Makes me wish I liked sewing!!! Gasp! Yep-I admit it-I don't like to sew...I like to come up with projects and what they will look like-even shop for and gather the supplies to create a project, but I have no patience for sewing.Sigh-wish I did-I'd make these to hang in my bathrooms in a heartbeat!

Thanks for the post Cathe-Loved it!!!

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  1. I found you while visting others in blogland. I am a recent follower. I love your vintage finds and hope you'll follow me and see what Ive found.