Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yesterday's and Today's Treasures...

I went out yesterday to a few garage and estate sales, but the pickin's were mighty slim for treasures or bargains. I didn't end up going to that estate sale with the wood lathe for Kevin, he is looking for one he can turn really big bowls on and that one wasn't big enough.

One estate sale in my hometown, didn't exist! I put the address in my GPS and when I got there, I didn't see any signs or cars or treasures. So I kept on putzing around to some sales I found in the paper and on Craigslist that looked promising. Except they were lot less than I would have thought from how the ads were worded.

I got the plates (to plant in my flowerbed) the top hankie and the bottle (maybe my dad can use it when he makes his syrup?) all for $1.25.

The dishtowel and other hankies I got today at the estate sale that didn't exist yesterday. I'll explain that in just a minute...

Today was the summer open house at Williamston Antiques. Auntie and I have been going for years-I think since the very first one. Its a fun atmosphere with a giant tent in the parking lot with a bunch of vendors selling outside, a tent where they are grilling hot dogs that you get for free along with a bag of chips, and you can choose either iced tea or lemonade. the next little tent over has a big popcorn machine and cans of soda and bottles of water-all also for free! They usually have a couple of tables set up under the trees where you can relax and enjoy the freebies and the weather. Once you go inside, everything is 15% off.

This year, they  had an additional tent with a lot of items waiting to be auctioned off at 4pm. Since we wanted to get there early (9:15am) to find the best treasures and bargains under the vendor tent, we were hoping we weren't going to regret missing the auction later in the day. Although we did walk through the auction tent, we didn't really find anything we would be bummed to miss. It was  mostly furniture and a few dishes and smalls-whew! That would really be a bummer to see all kinds of treasures set aside for the auction, knowing you would have to miss it!

I didn't buy anything inside, I got a couple of things outside...

 A couple of easels for plates (not old), and a vintage tablecloth-$5 for all.

After we left, we checked out another antiques shop in Williamston, and hit a couple of garage sales on the way home. When I got home, I checked my email and there was another email from, with upcoming sales in my area. I noticed the local sale was still on there, but it had a different street name...hmmm that's why I couldn't find it yesterday! So Kevin and I hopped in the car and headed out. It was in a nice condo community and the woman whose house it was had some really nice antiques! I just drooled over her 1930's oak china cabinet, and dry sink with towel bar-but they were wayyy out of my price league. I wonder if they will have prices half off tomorrow....

I wasn't very impressed with the company running the estate sale. Their signs were elegant, but hard to see and read. If it weren't for my GPS, we would have missed it today too. They also used a pricing gun that was almost out of ink. All the price stickers were so light and hard to read-that when you picked up an item that you thought was $6, and looked at it in the light, at just the right angle, you realized it was actually $60.

For the most part, I thought their prices were high. There was still a LOT of things left for what I would expect for a second day. I found a vintage dishtowel and the other hankies in the top picture. At first she said the hankies were $1 each-so I said what's the best price you can give me on them, and she went down to 50¢ each. Not everything was marked either, and that ALWAYS makes me crazy because I get the feeling that the dealers are looking you over to see what you can or would pay rather than setting a price with a price tag from the beginning that would be the same no matter what you look like or are wearing. Maybe it's a good thing I usually wear t-shirts and jeans or shorts on the weekends-LOL!

As were were driving home, I told Kevin I think my dream job would be that of a picker of sorts (going to all the sales loading up on the bargain treasures to either resell myself or have someone else resell) and being my own boss in an estate sale business. I've done tons of garage sales, my own and for family and friends, and with all the sales I hit, I think I have a pretty good idea of good prices and how to display items, as well as advertising and signage. Plus, I know what I like and don't like about estate sales,and think that I'm probably not alone in those it time for a major career change...hmmm? Or is it just being off work for 2 weeks and dreading going back to the piled up work?

The Antiques Market of Williamston had postcards advertising a Moonlight Madness Sale in September. It seems weird to talk about September, but when you think about it, it is only a month and a half away!

Looks like FUN! I bet we end up going!!


  1. I wonder if the tv show American Pickers has us all dreaming of a job like that? I've never heard of but will check it out. Happy Junking to you! -amy

  2. I don't watch the show very often, I don't really like the stuff they pick...I wish they'd do just one show on stuff women would like!!! I do know I'm not stressed, or under pressure when I'm searching for treasures (unlike at work). Plus, I get to see a lot of neat towns, interesting people and areas!

    Happy Treasure Seeking to you too Amy!