Monday, November 15, 2010

All is quiet on the homefront...

It is really quiet this evening in our house! Eric is away at deer camp, Kevin isn't home from work yet, and Adam is taking a break from his studies-trying to conquer his newest video game downstairs. It is starting to feel more like fall, with cooler temperatures and more dampness in the air so I made up a big pot of chili for dinner-it's such a comfort food!

I got the update on deer camp from my far all they have seen are some does, so they haven't gotten anything yet. Other guys have found their bucks right away-there are 16 of them on the buck pole already and it's only opening day!

She also said Eric is having the time of his life! My Dad, his oldest brother and countless cousins, aunts and uncles all descend on his cousin's 300+ acre dairy farm in Ionia, Michigan every deer season. I think this is Eric's third or fourth year (second or third without Adam).

Adam went for a few years, but once he got a 10 point buck-that was enough of getting up early and sitting in the cold for hours on end. He paid big bucks (pardon the pun-lol) to have the head mounted-it was almost a  2 year process and now it sits on a shelf in the basement-sigh...

I just love listening to all the stories from deer camp when they get home! The first year Adam went,  I kept hearing Al did this, Al said this, Al, Al, Al...Al was in every story...Al is in his mid to late 80's!! This is such a rich time for family memories and it is so neat that the boys have gotten to know their cousins, aunts and uncles better! This year, Eric couldn't be bothered to answer a text message I sent him because he was involved in a big card game!

He got up at 4am to help with the chores today! He was feeding calves and helping with the milking process...I can hear it now...he's going to want a cow to go along with his chickens and quail!! He has also gotten to help with some clean up and maintenance work around the farm-what a great experience for him!

He will be back home on Wednesday-with or without a deer, and back to school on Thursday. I can't wait to hear this year's stories!

 Here are both boys at deer camp a few years ago-the last time they hunted together.

I'm not a big fan of venison-not even a little fan-I don't care for it. My parents keep  most of the meat (they love it)-we only take enough for a couple of meals and that lasts us almost a year. The boys would eat it all the time, if I would fix it.

Hope you have a nice and quiet evening! :)

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