Saturday, November 13, 2010

Treats for the Troops-Baking Day!

Today was a baking day for our high school youth group girls. We baked about 400 cookies (chocolate chip, double treat (peanut butter cookies with peanuts and chocolate chips) and peanut butter cookies), as well as 8 batches of caramel corn.

I was hoping for/expecting about 12 girls...only 2 showed up-but they really worked hard and we got quite a good system down for cranking out the cookies! I was sooo thrilled to see them and sooo thankful for their help!

Our church has been sending "Treats to the Troops" for several years now. This was the first year we tried getting a group of high school girls to come in and bake. I think we would have had a better turn out, if they hadn't scheduled a rake-n-run (groups of high school students going to senior citizens homes and raking their leaves up-and running off to the next home on the list) for the morning. I think everyone was worn out from all the raking to do much baking!

It was a looooonnnnnggggg day! After all the baking, I had a volleyball match. I probably should have just went home, I wasn't much help! Now, I'm sitting on the couch, waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in!

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