Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yum! Butternut Squash!!

We have a new produce store just down the road a bit called Banana Jack's. I've been wanting to check it out since it opened about a month ago, and I was hoping they would have some squash (and it would be cheaper than the local grocery stores).

They sure did!! They were HUGE-and so was the cabbage! It was also 50¢ a pound less than the other stores - so we got a little carried away...

That's my phone, just to give you a perspective on how big they are. This pile of produce weighed 39 pounds!! Good thing the per pound price was so low!

Do you like butternut squash? How do you prepare it? I have a friend who mixes in brown sugar... I like it with just a little salt and pepper-can't wait to get it in the oven!!

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