Friday, November 12, 2010

Have you ever...

Have you ever been on Ebay and found something you liked and put in the minimum bid, and forgot about it-fully expecting to get outbid in a heartbeat? That is what happened to me this week. I was scrolling through a list of vintage Fiesta bowls and I came across one that was super cheap-$3.25!! Imagine my surprise when I got an invoice saying I won it!

The seller didn't list what number it was in the series of 7 bowls, just the measurements. I under estimated the measurements and thought it would be for a small bowl like a #2 or #1.  It ended up being a second #4, but that's OK...I LOVE it!!!

For its age, it looks really good. It has some crazing on the inside and a very fine hairline crack that you have to really look for to see, but other than that, it's PERFECT! I love the color!!! I'm not making much headway in completing the set, especially if I keep buying the same size all the time!

This is the second time now that I've gotten something on Ebay for the starting bid and have been shocked that I actually had the winning bid. I guess persistence pays off! It gives me new incentive to keep on looking and keep on bidding-some day I'll have a full set of vintage Fiesta mixing bowls!!!

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