Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunny Saturday Road Trip...

Since our volleyball league is taking a break until after the first of the year, and we didn't have a match today, I decided to take a trip to Blissfield to visit their antique stores and my favorite Fiesta seconds store. I pulled in a little after ten am...and parked right outside the store that my heart was pitter pattering for all the way down. When I turned the car off and looked up, my heart sunk...the store was empty, there was a "for rent" sign in the window and the sign was painted black to cover up the store's name.

I was seriously bummed. The last time I took a trip to Blissfield, it was specifically to visit just that store and only that store. When I got there that time, I saw a sign on the door saying it was closed due to vacation! Good thing I just happened to be in the area for a funeral and didn't actually drive an hour to get there only to find it closed.

I continued on and caught up with a co-worker and her son who had already been antique shopping in Adrian and were hitting Blissfield on their way home. I could tell I was a butt-insky, so I kept wandering around on my own. I ran into them a couple of times and we talked a bit about what we were looking at, but we ended up going our separate ways.

I did find that the Fiesta seconds lady is renting space inside another store-right next door to her closed store! It was a tiny little booth and her inventory was seriously depleted, but I still managed to find a couple of things.

 A lemongrass plate and a discontinued heather pitcher.

After I left there, I made a stop at Swan Creek Candle and Antiques in downtown Dundee. I love that place! They have great prices and there is always something that I just can't pass by when I shop there! The candle smell can be a bit lot over powering though.

 A vintage Harlequin creamer and a vintage Fiesta bowl.

Some vintage Christmas bulbs, a vintage pork bellies sack (to make into a dishtowel), and a snowflake plate-that will be just perfect to give away filled up with Christmas cookies!

It was such a sunny and bright day, I decided to type in "antiques" into my GPS to see if maybe all these years I've been missing out on some quaint little shops that might be out there off the beaten path. I was really excited when a close one in Dundee showed up-so I followed it...right to someone's house!

After that, I decided to check out the shop of a company who has an antique shop as well as an estate sale business. Auntie and I have been to a few of their sales and they seem to have reasonable prices and are pretty organized. They were closed! What antiques place is closed on a Saturday?

The next stop was to be at Treasuremart in downtown Ann Arbor but there were way too may people and not one parking spot within a 3 block radius-so I abandoned that idea after circling the block 3 times and headed toward home- thinking I could stop at a new, local consignment shop that Auntie and I tried to visit on Thursday. It was closed the day we went. It was open today so I stopped. It was a tiny little place with a huge emphasis on clothes, purses and furniture. Very little in the way of glassware and no antiques, only a couple of vintage items. On the way out, I grumbled to myself that it wasn't even worth parking the car and getting out and walking in!

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