Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Good Old Days...

I got an email from my dad yesterday and I can't stop looking at it-I LOVE it!!! It is pages from a 1934 Montgomery Ward Catalog. I LOVE looking at the clothing and shoes, and the prices!! All the kitchen stuff-be still my heart!

Click this picture to enlarge it and read the bottom sentence...

I'd like to zip back to those days, pick up some of the stuff I love and then zip back to current times, with mint vintage goodies-wouldn't you?


  1. It WOULD be fun to go back to those days, but I wouldn't want to come back to the present. We just need to get into the way-back machine...

  2. Oh my, that last sentence! Times sure have changed..for the better.

  3. These are amazing! I would love to go back in time and have a big shopping spree. Definitely glad to be a woman in 2013 though!