Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another dollar day, but much nicer weather!

Since my hubby and youngest son are still up north, and my oldest was working today, I decided to try some more treasure hunting this morning. I packed my winter coat with the gloves in the pockets again, but was very pleasantly surprised when the weather perked right up! Right now it is about 65 degrees and sunny with blue skies! See what I mean about Michigan weather!?! Blink twice and it will change!

I mapped out 5 garage sales, and a rummage sale and headed out! One sale was at a former antiques dealer's home. She still had her tags on her items from the shop. She was selling her stuff for half of the tag price-which I thought was still really high for a garage sale. It was neat looking at all of her stuff though!

The rummage sale was at a local church to benefit Mission's in Asia. Unfortunately, they really didn't have much-maybe they sold it all before I got there since they opened an hour before I arrived.

At one sale, I got 6 Christmas linen napkins for $1. One sale had the signs out all over the place and when I finally arrived (it was kind of a maze to get there), the garage door was shut and it looked like no one was home, but they left the sign out at the end of the driveway...hmmm-hope everything is ok there.

The rest of them weren't much and I didn't find anything I couldn't live without until I stopped at one in Milford. It was in an older home on Main Street, that used to be a Tea Room! They were going out of business and selling their china and linens! Woo Hoo! I got 6 tablecloths for $1 each! They had a really neat trunk (but it was 100 $1's), and some neat leaded glass windows that had already sold, and lots of china!

I stopped at a couple more sales that I just happened to drive by. The last one was so outrageously priced that I had to look a couple of times at the tags, because I couldn't believe what I was seeing! They had some interesting antique pieces of furniture, but the prices were really high-even for an antique store let alone a garage sale on the side of the road!

I think I am done (for now) with linen tablecloths, unless I come across one that is just super spectacular and I find I can't live another minute without it! I'm searching now for a blown glass rolling pin with closed ends, not the kind that has a cap on one end. I'd like one in clear and one in amethyst. I found one in amethyst on Ebay the other day, but someone had painted all over it in gold paint...oh well, the hunt is where the fun is!

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