Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bittersweet Estate Sale...

When I left work today, there was a sign on the corner for an Estate Sale. Since I recognized the sub the street was in, and it was really close, I decided to drive by and check it out. There were two ladies running the sale, neither of them seemed familiar to me, although they were both very friendly. While I was shopping an older couple came to the sale. They started talking with the ladies and during their conversation, they realized that the younger of the two ladies knew the daughter of the couple. She said the sale was for their parent's things. Their dad had passed recently. She then said her maiden name was Harvey.

My ears perked up, my mind clicked, my heart sighed and my mouth curled into a little smile! This was Dave Harvey's house! Dave was a sweet older man from my church, who lost his beloved wife Blanche several years ago, and was so lonely for her right up until his passing a few months ago. I have missed hearing his voice and seeing him at church! He used to call the front desk every Sunday to see if the bus had left yet, because he was ready to go, and the bus wasn't there yet. The funny part is, the bus always left at 9:30am and Dave ALWAYS called at 8:30am!

I purchased 2 linen tablecloths, a set of  6 sage green linen napkins and a glass cruet with glass stopper-all for $3.50-but to me they will be cherished, priceless treasures that will remind me every time I see them of memories of Dave.

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