Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free entertainment...that turned out to be a dud!

Right next door to our house is a soccer field, and tonight, a local town decided to hold an Easter marshmallow drop and moon glow Easter egg hunt. Since our kids are too old for that kind of thing, and we could hear the music and announcements over the sound system, we decided to crash the party and walked over to see what it was all about.

The Easter bunny was there for pictures ($10 for a 4x6), which parents were upset about because it was so expensive. They did tell everyone that if they wanted to take their own picture with their own camera, they could, but not with the Easter bunny!

They were giving out Easter baskets for the kiddies to collect marshmallows and eggs in. The plane dropping the marshmallows made about a dozen passes and never really dropped a lot of marshmallows, and never hit the second target (the biggest field where all the people were). Then the egg hunt fields were unsupervised, so while they were handing our prizes for the kiddos who got a colored marshmallow, other kids were going crazy collecting eggs-because no one was guarding the eggs, and parents were letting them!

The event planner in me couldn't take it any more, and we left and came home! How frustrating! I feel bad for the people who drove long distances, and actually feel bad for all the participants because I think I heard that they actually had to pay to participate!

We did have a nice conversation with one grandma who drove over a half an hour to get here with her granddaughter-but other than was a frog of an event. I hope it was just first year issues, and if they plan to do it next year, that all the kinks get worked out. What a bummer if you were an excited kid and ended up with a big let down!

Hopefully in all the marshmallow egg-citement, the parents remember to remind their kids of the true meaning of Easter!

 Happy Easter!!

Easter bunny photo opp...

  Free baskets!


Plane on one of many passes to test the wind

A couple shots of the gorgeous sunset!
Thank you Lord for the beauty!

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