Friday, April 9, 2010

Dollar Day...

Today I took a little road trip to my sister-in-law's neighborhood to check out their sub sale and spend some time visiting and have lunch together. She was helping a neighbor with a garage sale a couple of streets over. Her friend was very nice, and I enjoyed meeting her and talking with her.

We left and visited the rest of the sales in the sub (there were only 5 all together). It was sooo cold today! I even saw some snowflakes!!! Just last week it was close to 80 degrees-but that is Michigan for you!

We went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant just down the street. It was only $3.75 for Sesame chicken, fried rice and and egg roll-what a bargain!

On the way home, I stopped at several garage sales, the Salvation Army in White Lake and a Grace Center of Hope Thrift Store.  

Didn't find anything I couldn't live without until one of the last sales. I got a Christmas tablecloth for $1. I don't think it has ever been used!


  1. That's a GREAT tablecloth -- and even better that it was only $1! I do notice that you're buying LOTS of linens lately. Hmmm...I wonder to got you into that?

  2. It's all your fault! :)
    I picked up a little "treasure" for you on my trip...that came with some little people too! :)-and just missed a FP record player by a few minutes!