Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Baby Turns 16 Today...

Just a quick post to wish my baby (my youngest) a very Happy Birthday!

  3 month picture

 9 years

Almost 16...and 6'4" tall!

He is 16 today! He's had quite a birthday cream at Screams (in Hell, Michigan), a family dinner out at Red Robin on Sunday (using the free burger coupon he got from joining the birthday club on line), and dinner out with just mom (since dad and older brother are both working-at El Patron). We stopped at Meijer, to get a cake on the way home and found this cute little guy!

Then he picked out a Boston Cream Torte for his cake. Usually we do the big Costco cakes for birthdays, but we just had a huge cake on Monday, (a gift to me from the ladies in my volleyball league, as a thank you for volunteering to run the league)- I had previously decided that I was going to bake a cake for him. Unfortunately, we didn't have any canned frosting or ingredients in the house to make homemade. Since it was getting late, I just decided to let him pick out a cake at the store.I did ask first and he was totally fine with it!

Happy Birthday Eric-I love you!!!

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