Monday, April 5, 2010

Goodwill shopping online...

In one of the blogs I follow, I was reminded about shopping Goodwill online. I had come across this information a few months ago, but since I didn't see anything at the time that I was interested in, I left the site, not thinking to bookmark it, and I forgot all about it. The website is It is owned and operated by Goodwill of Orange County California, located in Santa Ana. Participating Goodwills across the country list things on from their inventory of donated items and use the proceeds to help people in need. I think of it as a way of checking out lots of Goodwill shops in one trip!

My first purchase was a good one! I got all 5 of these cute little egg cups for just $5-and I'm helping Goodwill help people all over the United States! This purchase was made from Goodwill in Traverse City, Michigan-so it was kind of neat to help right here in my own home state.

 The black one almost seems like it is from another set, it isn't as shiny as the rest, but it is the same shape. They are ceramic and have a white interior. They are in perfect condition with no chips or scratches-what a bargain!  I just wish they had some sort of markings, so I could figure out who made them and how old they might be!

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