Sunday, May 16, 2010

60 Years of Collecting Tools Estate Sale Saturday…

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to a website, and have really enjoyed getting the weekly emails with photos of estate sales in my area. My friend Chicken’s Auntie and I have gone to several sales, and my DH has gone to several sales with me. The sale yesterday though, was all about him! It was an estate sale from one man’s lifetime collection of tools.

It was very overwhelming from the minute you stepped onto the driveway! The further you got in the house, the more congested it got. Starting in the garage, you could only walk around it in a U shape, and all the tables were heavily laden with adz’s, hatchets, wrenches, old wooden planers, old metal lunch boxes, old oil cans-you name it! There were bins with tons of pitch forks, shovels, rakes, hoes…I can’t even remember all that was out there!

Once inside, it was very obvious that this wasn’t a girl-friendly estate sale. With the exception of his collections, it seemed as if he was a minimalist as far as furniture, and general household items were concerned. There wasn’t much kitchen stuff or decorations or furniture, but boy were there collections of stuff!

One whole bedroom was set up with bookcases and had so many books, it could rival any small town library! The entire basement was jam packed with saws, anvils, ice tongs, log rollers, more saws, axes, hatchets, and more tools. DH took off as soon as we got there and I had to hunt him down-finding him in the basement, totally overwhelmed at all of his favorite eye candy-TOOLS!

He has never been to a digger sale before, so the whole prospect of digging through stuff to find something that might interest you was new to him. I helped him out a bit, but after a while, we just had to leave. He got the main thing he came for a small handheld adz. Something we both have been hunting for his collection for a few years-as well as a few other tools that he found to be really neat.

Since yesterday was the second day of the sale, there was a 25% discount-so that made it all the better! Guess where he is today??? YEP! Back in Flint at the final day of the sale-and this time he took our youngest son with him! They both got up really early, went to the 8:30 service at church and took off to find more treasures that he just couldn’t live without. He’s hoping to wait until the last half hour and get a really good deal on a huge lot of tools…I’ll let you know what he comes home with…

 I guess now, I can understand how his eyes glaze over when I am excitedly telling him about my newest Fiesta, or linen treasure-because I felt my own eyes glazing over while he was talking to me on the way home about his new tool treasures!

The pictures below do not even begin to do justice to the magnitude of how much there was!

Pictures borrowed from

This is what he got... the little shovel is the one thing I picked out for me for my flower beds. A couple of things he got at garage sales that we stopped at on the way home.

Then he went back and got this...

He said they still had crazy amounts of stuff left and there was only about an hour and a half left before the sale was over.

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  1. I bet this sale WAS fun for your husband. I'm taking the summer off from flea markets... but have a couple of farmer's markets lined up ... when the deal is sealed, I'll let you know the schedule....

    Happy Monday!
    Michele smile, wink, nod