Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Funday Garage Sale Thrifting With Eric...

I hit the Garage Sale trail today with my youngest son Eric. We headed to a nearby city-wide garage sale. We rolled past several sales that had little to offer, and many with a lot of baby stuff. After so many misadventures, we grabbed a quick drive thru lunch and kept on searching for a good sale.

He started finding stuff all over the place! He got an older video camera with accessories, a rabbit cage he plans to use for his quail and possibly his chickens (coming May 24th, and after they are old enough to be out of the brooder box), a blooming onion maker (he has a small addiction to small appliances-lol), a motorized coin sorter and a small metal basket for collecting his eggs (for when the girls start laying).

At one sale, we were scoping it out as we were parking, and I said to Eric "That looks like Leona" (my 87 year old cousin on my dad's side-who has never learned to drive and never married). As we walked up, she looked at me and smiled then she looked at Eric and back at me and her whole face lit up, and before we knew it, we we getting hugs and kisses! She had been out all morning with her neighbor and the neighbor's little boy George (he looked to be between 2 and 3 years old). They were finding so many treasures their car was almost full!

What a blessing it was to see her today! I grew up next door to her and her mom and dad before they passed away (now she shares the house with her widowed sister). She used to take care of my dad and his brothers when they were little, and later when my mom went to work ,she got me and my brother up and or ready for school every morning for many years until we moved. Seeing her today made all of the dud sales worthwhile!

I did find a few little Atlas canning jar with glass lid, a glass hurricane shade for a candle for an event at church, a (vintage?) Christmas tree skirt (for a quarter), some red and green linen napkins and a Waterford  Waffle platter (for $1).

We stopped at one sale that said "Collectibles for Sale" and "No Kid Stuff". They were a really nice couple and we had a nice chat about collecting and collectibles. They made my day when they said I was too young to collect Depression Glass! :)

A fun few hours bargain hunting and treasure seeking with my boy-now to get ready for my volleyball game...only one more regular Saturday game after today and then the end of the season potluck and tournament! I am looking forward to some slower days this summer!!


  1. Aren't city wide sales the most fun? I love your Christmas tree skirt!

  2. Sounds like a great day to me!
    Your friend, Michele at smile, wink, nod

  3. I was a really FUN day! Any day I get to spend with one of my boys is a GREAT day-and when you add in some garage sales and some cheap and fun treasures... :)