Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can it get any more crazy around here???

I haven’t been spending much time online the past couple of weeks, because our schedule around here has gotten incredibly crazy!! Starting with P.T. three times a week at 7 am then work, a bunch of errands, segment 2 driver’s ed for Eric, Adam finishing his first year of college and then taking nursing assistant classes, softball games, dentist appointments, a doctor appointment, a baby shower, a wedding shower, housework, opening the pool, picking up chicks, quail hatching….sigh-I get tired just typing it all!!!

After this week it slows down a little, but we pick up a few graduation parties, and who knows what else!

We had a 4th quail hatch, but sadly number 2 is no longer with us. We didn’t expect it to live since it couldn’t even stand up by itself, it kept flopping over-poor thing! Number 4 doesn’t look very promising either. I guess the ratio of the quail that actually survive once they hatch isn’t very good.

We’re having a hard time regulating the heat for the chicken chicks-our little heat lamp keeps bringing it up to 110 degrees! We are hoping that the set up we have now will work and will still keep them warm enough without getting too hot.

Adding to everything else, our beloved dog Maddie (a sweet and super smart black lab retriever mix) whom we adopted from Animal Aid because she was abandoned isn’t doing very well. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow. We don’t know for sure how old she is, but we’ve had her for 9 years so we are just devastated that she is hurting and having so much trouble getting around. She was actually crying last night after she came inside and her legs were all shaky. I can’t let myself think about what this could mean…

I won’t be able to go treasure hunting this Friday either…I’ll be busy visiting my cousin and getting some help learning some tricks and tips for working faster and better with Adobe CS4!

Hope things in your life are a bit more calm and a lot less stressful than they have been around here! Hope you get a chance to get out and find some one of a kind treasures this weekend!!!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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