Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Funday...Enjoying the Sun!

Today was the first day in a couple of weeks that we haven't had any rain or gray skies. It was a beautiful, sunny day with lots of puffy clouds and blue skies. My friend Chicken's Auntie and I headed off on a fun adventure starting in St. Johns at a garden/barn sale. We found out about the sale last weekend when we visited Lamb's Gate and the Salvage Yard.

The barn was set up like an antiques shop in side, decorated and painted with nice displays. It didn't feel like a barn at all. This place is only open 2 weekends out of the year. It seems a shame to let that neat little shop only be open twice a year!

I didn't find any treasures that I couldn't live without, but Chicken's Auntie found a couple of neat things.  When we left there, we headed into downtown St. Johns and visited a garage sale (frog), before programming the GPS for an estate sale in Lansing. On the way to the estate sale, we saw a sign for a "HUGE" garage sale and decided to stop.

It ended up being the prince part of my day!! When we were walking up, it sure didn't look "HUGE" like the signs said it was...but then we noticed that a covered trailer had goodies in it as well as an uncovered trailer the driveway and the garage. This is what I found...

See the price? $3...We stopped at Williamston Antiques on the way home and they had one exactly like it for $50!!! We asked a dealer there, who goes to our church, what she thought it was really worth and she said at least $35-woo hoo!

Not a bad deal for a quarter each!

I know these aren't old, but they are my favorite color...PURPLE!!!

This awesome galvanized bucket, that I am just itching to plant some flowers in!

We got back on the road and finally made it to the estate sale. Chicken's Auntie found lots of neat treasures. I only found one...not quite sure what it you know? Is it a berry bucket? A vintage child's lunch bucket?

I was thinking it would be cute made into a bird house...picture a little hole on the front with a little wooden perch and hanging in a tree in my yard....for $2, I'm willing to give it a try!

We ate lunch at Johnny Rocket's! I got the grilled chicken club and my favorite... diet coke with a cherry shot-YUM!

When Chicken's Auntie and I go out treasure seeking, we always seem to have lots to talk about and lots to laugh about! This was a fun day! Lots of fun with sunshine, blue skies, great deals, and a good friend!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Flint to an estate sale that my DH is practically foaming at the mouth to get to...60 years of one guy collecting ....TOOLS-his favorite things! I hope we can hit a couple girl-friendly sales along the way! Then tomorrow afternoon is our end of the season (volleyball) blind-draw tournament and potluck...and since the Physical Therapist told me on Wednesday "no ball for at least a month"...I get to watch and cheer everyone on!


  1. Sounds like a really wonderful day! I agree, it was nice to see the sunshine. Check out the canning jars you bought... are they stamped with the number 13? If so you have some gems!!
    You might invite Mitzi (on your sidebar) over to check out what she thinks the silver bucket is? I'm wondering if it's for water of milk?
    I'd be curious to know!

    I had good luck garage sailing, too, today-- come on over to my blog and check out my goodies...

    Good Luck in Flint, tomorrow... let us know what you find!

    Michele in Mich

  2. Hi Michele!
    Bummer! None of the jars have a 13 on them! I LOVE your blog! It's on my regular reading list! You DID get some great treasures-love the bassinet!
    I still want to try to get to your flea market one of these you have a schedule?