Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Successful Saturday...

Yesterday was a good day for sales-despite the weather. It has been rainy, and muggy and gray for most of the past two weeks. Today is the first day in a while that has totally blue skies.

It seems that Saturday mornings have become treasure hunting days for my DH and me. We get up whenever we happen to wake up (no alarm clocks for us on Saturday mornings), and head out at a leisurely pace. I know some think that you have to hit the garage sale road early to find the best items, but I've been successful and unsuccessful with finding treasures at all times of the day.  Just  because you were the first to arrive at a sale doesn't always mean you will find that one in a million treasure. I've found those on the last day of a sale in the last hours, and at anytime in between.

A book I recently checked out from the library called "Garage Sale Gourmet" gives a lot of good advice for beginning garage salers, and some extra tips or reminders for others who have been enjoying garage sales for a while.It is a quick easy read, and the parts that you feel that you have a pretty good handle on, you can skip over. I would recommend it.

Yesterdays finds were interesting... since my DH does a lot of woodworking, he saw on an episode of New Yankee Workshop a wood steamer made by using a burner from a turkey frying unit. He was thrilled to find the whole set, the burner stand and big pot with lid for $10. So we can try fried turkey and use the pot, or he can use it to steam wood with an old well worn pot that he already has.

He also got some "how to" books on plumbing and household repair for a quarter each. That is how I found the book on old pen and ink drawings of Christmas (reproduced) from the mid to late 1800's. At other sales, I found green bamboo tie down stakes (50) and a red bottle (for my flower garden bottle-scape from the magazine 100 Ideas Flea Market Style), a tall galvanized, skinny bucket, a divided pyrex snowflake casserole dish, a glass holder with 6 glasses, and a green fondue pot with skewers that look to have never been used.

Here is the galvanized bucket I got last Friday at a garage sale in the middle of the day-I've added a spike and some purple wave petunias and plan to add in some other vines when I get a chance to get back to the nursery.

This was my prize for winning Baby Shower Bingo at a shower I went to after all of the sales on Saturday.

What kinds of treasures did you find this weekend? I love to hear about all the fun things you find! So if you have a minute, leave a comment about what fun things you brought home this weekend!!

Oh, I almost forgot!!! Remember the 1863 Civil War game I got at a garage sale for $1 as a gift for my brother-in-law? I looked it up on Kovel's today and they placed a value of $65!

Happy Treasure Hunting!!

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