Friday, May 21, 2010

My Friday just flew by!!

My day started at 5:30am. Drove Eric to school by 6:55, P.T. (physical torture) at 7:00, garage sales at 9:30! I made a pretty good dent in visiting the sales in my hometown-it seemed like the most I had to drive between sales was 1-2 miles. There were sales EVERYWHERE!!!

A couple of the sales I stopped at, I got to visit with people I knew. One sale was a fundraiser sale with all the money raised going to P.E.O. (philanthropic educational organization), focusing on promoting educational opportunities for women. This is what I bought...

This is a beveled edge mirror-don't care for the frame-maybe I can talk hubby into making a nicer one in his woodshop...if not, I can always paint it...$4 for both.

Stopped at several more sales and ran a couple errands...

 Got this game (appears to be intact) for my brother-in-law-who is crazy about the Civil War-he participates in re-enactments all over the place several times a year ($1).

Got this little beauty for ten cents!!! I forgot to mention vintage ornaments on my summer sales wish list. This one can join the others in here...

I hope to fill it to the top with all kinds of bright vintage ornaments.

  I also paid a visit to a local consignment store where I found this!!!

I had a 15% off coupon so it was even more exciting!!

This was from a couple of weeks ago, I just forgot to show you. I got it at a church rummage sale for a quarter.

I also picked up a vintage Christmas tablecloth for a quarter, but it is soaking in Oxy-clean--it had a bunch of stains. I figure for a quarter, I'll give it a try, and if the stains come out-yay! I got a great deal. If they don't, no big deal.

Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Eric at school. On the way home, he called to see if his chicks were in, but they aren't coming in until Monday, and Wednesday. He's getting 12 (3 Red Stars, 3 Aracanna's,  and 3 Leghorns). He talked me into taking him to the feed store to look at the chicks, and we ended up bringing these two little ladies home. He was so excited-it was like Christmas morning! Now, we have to figure out how to integrate them with his quail and guinea hen...when they are old enough, of course.

Did you get out and visit any sales today? Did you get any treasures? I missed my treasure hunting buddy Chicken's Auntie today...she's busy with family this weekend-her youngest is graduating from college!!!

It's raining again, so that means no one is coming over for sand volleyball tonight. The last 3 Friday's have had stinky weather-I hope it's not a repeat of last summer's Friday nights!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!! Happy Treasure Hunting!!

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  1. I betcha that Civl War game is worth some bucks! I would of snatched it up, too.

    I'm not sure what morel mushrooms taste like... we just picked them for my mom and my neighbor.

    No, I don't recommend the book... although I am learning something about Marie Antoinette, so it's not a total loss. I knew nothing of her prior to reading this.

    Happy Weekend to you- Michele= smile, wink, nod