Sunday, May 30, 2010

Warren's Greatest Garage Sale...

Today and tomorrow is "Warren's Greatest Garage Sale" located in the parking structure at Warren's City Hall. Admission was just $1, and parking was free. There were four of us on this treasure adventure, Chicken's Auntie, my youngest son Eric, my DH, and me. I'm glad we went early, it was really getting steamy outside when we left and there really wasn't a breeze inside the parking structure.

 This is where we entered. We paid our $1 admission and got our hands stamped with a red bingo stamper-that by the way-doesn't wash off very easily!

It was really hard to get a shot that didn't have too many people in it-the place was packed and getting more packed as the morning went by.

The Farmer's Market was also going on at the same time. 

This is where we grabbed a quick lunch-very pricey, but since there really wasn't much to be had...and we were just about starving...not gourmet, but not bad.

 Drove by this and thought the sign was neat.

 Not bad for a quarter each!

 Fifty cents each-to go in my flower bed.

The last bowl in my second set.

It was a FUN day!!! Just an appeteaser for next weekend's Michigan Antiques Festival in Midland! Auntie and I have been soo looking forward to it and it is FINALLY almost here! If you are in the area, you should check it out-there will be around 1,000 vendors-great food-entertainment-a classic car show/swap meet-and kettle corn!!!

While today was a nice little prince of a day, yesterday's garage sales were a total frog! I found absolutely nothing-while DH found a bench grinder ($1-and it works!), and a Dewalt circular saw with case and extra blade (it works too!).

Saw lots of neat things today-makes up for yesterday! What did you find this weekend? 

Now I'm off to slather on the sunscreen and float away the rest of the day in the pool!
Hope you enjoy your long weekend!  

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  1. Hi Heather! It looks like there are bargains to be had here in Michigan! Think how much time went into crocheting those hankies.....