Friday, May 7, 2010

A Rainy Friday and Some Fun Treasures...

I went to an Estate Sale today that was an in an Antique Shop that was liquidating and going out of business.  My husband tagged along because he wanted to go to Menard's afterward. He got a couple of antique buck saws and an old pipe wrench.

I got a couple of milk bottles, a glass ice bucket (Anchor Hocking), and a new glass bottle garden ornament. I might go back on Sunday and see what is left-because the prices go down by 50%.

After we got home, I took off with my friend (Chicken's Auntie) to visit The Lamb's Gate and Salvage Yard to see what kinds of treasures we could get with our 20% off coupon! If you sign up for their email list, you get a coupon every month.

I really fell in love with a 1950's table and chair set that they are selling. I saw it first on their website (and it was $30 cheaper in the store than what it was listed at on the website!). I think it would be the perfect size for our sun room. The only house is more in the purple, cream, tan and beige tones, not glittery red chairs and gray Formica.  Although, my husband did say if I wanted it to go ahead and get it...I just couldn't----it wouldn't fit in with anything. I'm not regretting not getting it, just hoping to find something just as nice, but more traditional... it was really neat!

Tonight was supposed to be our first night of sand volleyball (we play every Friday all summer on our sand court), but the weather decided to drastically drop in temperature and pour buckets of rain from the sky. It wasn't a total wash out...we did have sun for about 23 minutes around 2:00!

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