Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Funday!!

Today's garage sale trip was short and sweet!! Auntie and I met up around 9am and for about 2 hours we hit some local sales. Lately, the best thing I've seen about sub sales is that there are a lot of sales in one area-and usually not a lot of good stuff. Today though, we saw a big variety of things and found some good stuff!

Can you read the price sticker??? YEP! $1! Can't wait to make this into a flower box!!

 All 4 windows for $2!

Vintage doily...50¢.

 Vintage tea towel 50¢.

 Half pint 50¢.
Is this an old IV bottle? The numbers on one side are upside down...$1-what do you think?.

Not bad for $5.50!

I just hope that all of the good finds today don't turn tomorrow at the Michigan  Antique Festival into a frog!
 The weather is supposed to be nice now-no more rain forecasted for tomorrow! Chilly though...upper 60's to low 70's-sounds good to me!!!

How about you? Did you find any neat stuff today? Are you going to Midland tomorrow or Sunday?

Happy Treasure Hunting!!


  1. friend... you did well! and, it's a good thing i wasn't with you-- because we'd of been arm wrestling over that chair. and the doily. and the windows. oh, and the bottles.

    have fun in midland... i was going to be a vendor, but instead decided to stay local.

    can't wait to hear what you find...

    mich in mich

  2. I think that old bottle might be a calf feeder. Great finds!