Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is a month of milestones!

Today, my baby boy (who is 16 years old, 6'4" tall, and wears a size 15 shoe) got his driver's license! It seems like just yesterday he was learning to ride his bike...and now here he is ready to go off on his own in a car! He is almost done with his Sophomore year (only 3 more half days) and will be off to spend most of the summer  in the U.P. with grandma and grandpa.

My oldest son (who just turned 19 last month) finished his first year of college, and completed and passed his Nurse Assistant classes. He's hoping to get a full time job as a Nurse assistant while he works toward his degree as a Nurse Anesthetist.

Last Friday, my DH and I passed a milestone of our was our 22nd anniversary!

Look how young we were! Can you tell it was 1988-LOL!

We are planning a big trip for our 25th, so this one was just a nice dinner out for just the two of us. He also surprised me with a very sweet letter that he hid in my purse that I found as I was leaving for Midland...I had to run back inside to give him a HUGE hug and kiss-it was soo sweet-it made me cry!! It was filled with the nicest, sweetest things he has ever said to me!

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  1. congratulations to everyone!
    happy rainy day in michigan!