Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday (Rainday) Finds...

For the summer of 2010, I think we here in Michigan should rename Fridays to Rainday. It seems like almost every Friday since April has been a rainy one! Not always the whole day...just when I am getting groceries, stopping at a few garage sales, or when everyone comes over at 7pm to try to play some sand volleyball.

I stopped at a church rummage sale first thing this morning after P.T. and got these linens.

 2 tablecloths and 3 tea towels for $3.60.

Then we headed to Ypsilanti to visit Pam's garage sale and all the sales in her sub. We got a bunch of music cd's for 50 cents each at one of the sales, and at Pam's house we got a load of black mulch for FREE!  She ended up with more than she needed so she had a small pile in the driveway and a huge sack of it in her garage. We took the driveway pile and loaded it right up on the tarp into the back of my car. The sack in the garage was easily 3-4 times the amount that we took. There was a guy there just waiting for us to pull out so he could back in for the rest. 

This looks really small in this picture, but it is a pretty good sized pile. That's a kitchen trash bag full, sitting to the right of the picture.

At one other place, I found this enamel pot to use with my $1 chair from last week to plant flowers in. I just need my DH to help me secure it in the chair seat.

After we left there it felt like we went on a wild goose chase around Ypsi and Ann Arbor looking for several sales that either were non-existent, or the trail went cold because the signs disappeared. 

So, other than the first couple of stops, today ended up being a frog of a day.

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