Monday, June 21, 2010

Update on some finds...

I ended up going back to the estate sale on Sunday to see if there were any treasures I missed on Saturday, and if there were any great discounts and guess what?!?!? The bed frame was still there! It isn't old, that's for sure!

It was $5 for both 

 It's pretty heavy, and I think it's pretty neat-I'm picturing it in my flowerbed with a climbing flower growing all over it!

My dollar chair!
One of the windows, not sure if I like it, it needs something...

Plates and a bottle planted in the garden...


  1. totally loving the dollar chair. it's very detailed.
    the head board would be grat if you spray painted it ... white. or pink!
    great treasures!!!
    michele at smile, wink, nod

  2. sounds interesting Michelle! I wonder what purple would look like! :)