Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Too Quiet Here!!!

With both of our boys away for a while, (Adam is in Canada on O'Sullivan Lake fishing with Grandpa and Uncle Dale for a week-no cell service, and Eric is is the U.P. with Grandma at their house and Maddie, our dog is there too!) our house is too QUIET!!! I miss being greeted at the door by my furry friend. I miss laughing and visiting with my boys-or even just watching a show together on tv.

The benefits of not having teenage boys in the house for a week are pretty interesting...we actually have leftovers! Something that is unheard of when both boys are home! We might even have to dump out some milk that may end up going bad because we can't drink it that fast. The house is the same when I get home from work as it was when I left, and it stays clean-all by itself! The laundry has gone from constant mountains to a tiny little ant hill. 

Is this what you'd call an empty nest ? I'm not looking forward to the day when they both are on their own if this is what it will be like! I just hope they end up close enough to stop in often!

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