Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Chilly Saturday Adventure

Since Adam had to work today and Kevin was helping our new Youth Pastor unload his moving truck, Eric and I took off on a little Saturday adventure. Brrr! It was very chilly! Only 55 degrees when we first left, and  it only climbed to 63 degrees by the time we got home!

Downtown Ann Arbor on game day-see the "M" flag on top of the building in the distance?

I saw an ad a few times this summer for a flea market in Brooklyn, Michigan (by Irish Hills), and this was their last weekend for the summer, so I thought we'd check it out. We stopped in Ann Arbor at an estate sale and a garage sale on the way. When we got to the estate sale, they were just letting the line in the door. It was a small sale-mostly furniture, but I did manage to pick up a couple of old ornaments. They wanted $18 for the set, which was probably about 3 dozen ornaments-these two were the only different looking ones-all the rest looked like something I either already have or have seen everywhere I've seen old ornaments this summer.

At the garage sale, we saw a guy on a bike who bought a bag of golf clubs and an old Farberware chaffing pan set (not catering size, but kitchen size). As we were programming our next location into the GPS-we were wondering how in the world he was going to be able to ride his bike with all of ended up being no problem for him.

After that, we headed down US-12 toward Brooklyn and the much anticipated flea market...


 Isn't the sky just gorgeous?!?


A couple of really neat older houses we passed along the way.

Lots of old barns and farms.

Plenty of interesting buildings to look at.

Another fun sight on the side of the road!

This used to be Stagecoach Stop USA. It is in Irish Hills, I brought a group of elementary kids (my own included) from church here about 10 years ago. They are out of business now and the buildings and property are for sale. It is crumbling and rotting away-so sad! Eric remembered it and how fun that "Wild Wednesday"  field trip was. We stopped there because they were having a garage sale in a couple of the buildings.


This was part of a row of windows in one of the buildings where the sale was.

This window was over the door in that same building.

This was just a lake that Eric thought we needed to snap.

Prehistoric Forest-just a hop, skip and a jump down the road from Stagecoach Stop USA. It too is closed and falling into disrepair and is for sale.

A lighthouse on the side of the road.

There were a bunch of bright signs that said "Mexican Food"-we were thinking that sounded good for lunch...until we saw where the food was being made and served from...then we decided to pass.

We ended up eating our lunch here...

Randy's Roadside Barbecue-we both got a pulled pork sandwich (which was delicious!), but the sides were very disappointing! The mac and cheese, potato salad and cole slaw were store bought (probably from Gordon Food Service). I was hoping for all homemade like at Chris' Boogie Woogie BBQ in Hamburg. It was a little on the pricey side-especially for store bought sides.

We stopped at this little antique mall along the way. It was very small, but nicely set up and for the most part, pretty reasonable prices. The one worker in the building at the time seemed very nice and welcoming.

The flea market was a HUGE let-down! It was an hour drive and when we got there, we only saw about 8 booths of VERY highly prices. It was right next door to an antique shop so, we stopped in there too.

It was VERY dark inside, with a lot of very dark antiques. Half of the store was roped off and inaccessible. I don't think we will be making the trip back for more flea markets or to visit this shop, or the other one-although it was nice to stop and see what they were all about.

 This was for sale in the shop. Guess how much??? $6000.00!! We saw one at the Stagecoach Stop USA garage sale for only $3500!

We stopped at a garage sale on the way home, and I picked up this book. I love her Christian fiction books! I'm hoping it's a good one. If not, it was only ten cents-so no worries!

What was  your Saturday like? Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

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