Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was the much anticipated Greenmead Fall Flea Market in Livonia on the site of the historic Greenmead Farm. Since Kevin and Eric both decided to go, and Auntie's niece Crit was in town and going as well, we decided to meet up and drive separately.

Mapquest said it would take about 32 minutes to get there...we got there in less than 30 so we were waiting in a long, long line for about 15-20 minutes. I totally forgot to bring bags, or a cart today-BIG mistake!! I know Auntie said there would be around 175 vendors, but with our not so good flea market experience last weekend-I wasn't going to hold my breath that this would be a good one. It ended up being BETTER than good--it was AWESOME!!!

The weather was perfect! The length of time it took to get there was perfect! Only $2 admission and free parking! Lots, and lots of vendors set in amongst the historic buildings and lots of variety among the vendors. Great prices for the most part. All the way around it was FUN!!

Gorgeous blue skies-won't be seeing that much longer! Have to soak it in while we can!

The only thing I would suggest, to the organizers for future years...have more food vendors! The only options for food was a big trailer with caramel corn, and snacks, an ice cream truck, and a booth selling hot dogs, soda and water. Where was the kettle corn?? Aren't all flea markets supposed to have kettle corn? LOL!

As soon as we got through the gates, Kevin took off leaving us in the dust. I expected him to be through the whole place and back in the car within about 20-30 minutes. I like for him to go, I just wish he would slow down, smell the roses, enjoy the day for what it is. It tends to make me anxious and feel like I have to hustle through so he isn't sitting in the car so long waiting for me. I felt bad for scooting out on Auntie and Christy after we stopped and caught up over a hot dog.

While we were sitting there, I was really shocked to see Kevin walking past with a big ole box full of stuff! He NEVER buys much (if anything) when we go out treasure seeking together. For him to still be walking around, let alone having a huge box of purchases at that point really surprised me!

 There he is on the left with his box of treasures!

These are his treasures...

 A case of wine bottles to use in the clay oven that he is making for baking bread.

An irrigator...he says this would have been used in the hospitals...and since he's a nurse-he was intrigued by it.

 Another "nurse" item, a basin. 

 Something he got the seller to "throw in"!

He thought this was funny...

Another bed pan, this one with a lid.

Some stainless steel wire for making chain mail.

A box of old tools-a quarter each.

He did really well. He only spent $15 on all of the enamel ware! $20 total on all of his purchases.

These are my treasures...
A pink dish towel.

A Vera scarf, a purple hankie, and a lid for a quarter.

A Pyrex individual casserole dish.

 An amethyst Moroccan dish.

A milk bottle carrier-not an old one, but in my price range!

A set of refrigerator dishes!

This was such a FUN flea market! I am soo glad we went!! It makes me even more excited for the Midland Antiques Festival in 2 weeks!!!  I'll have to remember the ibuprofen before we go to Midland-my ankle and hip are really killing me from all the uneven walking today-just when I told Auntie on Friday that  my ankle is doing really well...sigh! We'll see how it does this week-3 of the 4 volleyball leagues I play in start up again!

Hope you have a great week this week!!! :)


  1. Sigh...if only I had some of those sales around here....What a treasure trove of goodies!

  2. Hi fortheloveofthrift!
    Thanks for stopping by!! This flea market was sooo much fun! It was the best one of the year!