Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Finds...

Yesterday Auntie and I took off on an adventure to Warren, Roseville, Farmington and Livonia. We stopped at a lot of estate sales. Most of them were on their second day. While most of the time, I prefer to go on the first day in the first hours-the second day has some benefits too-in the form of discounts!

 A funky chartreuse platter.

 Two doilies and a runner in eyelet lace.

 Four aluminum dessert dishes in MINT condition that ended up being 4/$1!

 A purple embroidered doily.

 A hankie.

 A glass with a purple tree -the same size as a Swanky Swig...

 A Glassbake individual casserole-in excellent condition!

Today, Eric and I went out for a little bit and went to a couple of local estate sales and this is what we found:

 A old napkin.

A platter.

A jug-is it Manhattan or is it too new?

A bunch of old bottles-can't wait to spiff them up with the vintage labels from Cathe at Just Something I Made! They were only a quarter each since it was the second day-yesterday, I was told, they were a dollar each!

How did your treasure seeking go this weekend?

Auntie and I and her niece Christy (who is in town visiting this weekend) are going to Greenmead Fall Flea Market tomorrow morning. Although, I'm not sure how we are going to work the driving arrangements because I think Kevin and Eric want to go now too...We'll figure something out. I can't wait to go! There is supposed to be 175 vendors!!!
I hope the weather holds out...right now it is raining pretty hard.

Tomorrow afternoon will be spent closing up the pool for the winter and then at 6:00 a special worship service at church to kick off the new classes and programs for fall.

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