Sunday, September 26, 2010

Midland was sooo cold, but LOTS of FUN!!!

Yesterday was the big day! Auntie and I went to the Michigan Antiques Festival in Midland. We decided to leave an hour earlier than we have in the past to try to miss all of the traffic and waiting in long lines to get in to the fairgrounds. It was a GREAT idea! We breezed right in, got a closer parking spot-even though it was at the back and got us all turned around.

The weather was really crazy! It was cold and really windy and sometimes the sun was out, sometimes it was gray and gloomy and sometimes it was misty and rainy. It cycled through all of those weather conditions every few minutes, the rain at least, held off until toward the end of our visit. It was just enough to chill me to the bone! I just couldn't get warm when I got home! I guess it didn't help that I am coming down with a cold on top of all of it.

It was a lot less crowded when we first got there and that was really nice, but as the day wore on, it really filled up with shoppers. I was disappointed at how much smaller it was from when we visited in June. There were a LOT of empty spots. Last time we went, we walked for over 5 hours and didn't get to see it all-and only went into one building. This time, we went into all the buildings and even took a longer than normal lunch break and were still done in about 4 hours.

There still was a LOT to see and buy-even though the number of vendors was down. We filled my new "Treasure Haulin" cart right up!

This what we saw...

Made totally out of  motorcycle parts!

A shot of his face.

Our cart at the beginning...I forgot to take a picture of it when it was over-flowing!

This was in the parking area on our way out.

Since we were going through the festival backwards from how we normally go, we ended up in a different location when we were ready for lunch. We ate at the 4H cafeteria (a place I never even knew existed!). We ended up getting a sandwich, fries and beverage for the same price of just our old standby Italian sausage sandwiches-and we helped out 4H!! They had the BEST homemade cookies too-thanks Auntie!!

We had planned on going home, and relaxing for a bit then heading out to Williamston Antiques for their Moonlight Madness, but by they time we got home, we were tired and I was really feeling the effects of my cold and being out in the cold all day, so we decided to stay home. I'm glad we did-I was pretty worn out! 

This is what I got...

Auntie got a lot of fun treasures too-it was a FUN day despite the weather and my cold!

Now the count down and wait begins for the June 2011 Michigan Antiques Festival-I can't wait to go back! You should mark your calendar too-you won't regret it!

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