Saturday, November 8, 2014

Three Days Out...So Thankful!!!

Today is the third day since my surgery. I'm doing really well. I am off the narcotics, and just on Ibuprofen. I'm still a little uncomfortable-incisions are itchy and burning a little, and feeling really worn out, but for the most part, doing really well.

It's been interesting to watch how my guys each react, to what has been or is going on, My youngest gave up his whole day on Wednesday to sit with me in pre-op (along with Mr and my Mom). The surgeon had an emergency early in the day so we were bumped back about 3 hours. He had to leave before I went in so he could get to work. The whole procedure took about a half an hour less than they predicted, and they were pleased with the outcome.

When I woke up, my oldest was there (with Mr and my Mom). Waking up was tough. I was really, really dizzy and nauseous. They gave me some meds that were wonderful, and I was feeling great in no time. Mr ended up spending the night with me. I slept really well, but I doubt if he slept at all!

I got discharged around 10am, and as we were waiting at the elevator for the parking structure, one of our pastors walked in. I was hoping to not make eye-contact with anyone, but he was there all smiles and happy. He was actually there to visit someone else, and was just lucky to run into us as we were leaving.

When I got home, my oldest (the one in nursing school), started getting really aggressive about me using a breathing thing they gave me. Every time I turned around he was sticking it in my face saying "ten times, every hour." He has even sent me a text today to make sure I'm still doing it!!

My youngest and my mom went thrifting on Thursday, while I took a nap, and returned home with these! They got both sets for $3.83!! They found them in the 80% off room of a local thrift.

Then the doorbell rang and these were waiting on the porch!! They are from some of my volleyball/church friends. They are in a purple mason-type jar!

My phone has been chiming almost non-stop since Wednesday. Friends and relatives reminding me that they are praying and are just a phone call away if I need anything. My cousins brought over a few dinners and I just answered the door to a homemade pie from a friend from church!!

I am so overwhelmed with the love, caring and concern everyone has shown me and my family!! WOW!!! Thanks everyone!!! The emails, cards, calls and messages have meant more than I can ever say-THANK YOU!!!

Some other things have shown up this week as well,..

 This set is to go with the two little dishes I got this summer at the Michigan's Longest Yard sale. I'm amazed at how little these are! Portion sizes are definitely a LOT larger than they used to be!

My new fork from my blog buddy Chanelle!!! THANKS Chanelle!!! I can't quite bring myself to throw away the broken one. I wonder if I can get creative and come up with a project to use the pieces for...

I just ordered a plexi-glass stand for the fork, spoon and cake server, so hopefully there will never be another accident like the one that happened last week!

Thanks everyone for all the love!!!