Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vintage Tablecloth LOVE

It was time to take down the Valentine's decor, so it got me busy looking through my photos for just the right tablecloth to drape over the trunk in my living room. I had so much fun scrolling through all my old photos, I thought I would share! See if you can guess which one I totally forgot buying...

This one was a blast from the past! This was right before we turned our deck into a sunroom. You can see the big post in the middle of the picture-it was supporting the new roof.

This is the one I totally forgot about!

This one is shiny because I have a clear plastic tablecloth over the vintage one to protect it. My guys always gave me a hard time about the clear cover...until one of them spilled soy sauce and the plastic protected it!

Just looking at all of vintage beauty of these tablecloths takes me to my happy place!