Friday, May 31, 2013

Chair Day!!

YAYYYY! Today was a normal Friday and I got to go to some sales!!! I shopped til the sky opened up with another rain deluge today and had a lot of fun doing it!

I started at a little church that I've always had good luck at, and it just so happens to be the church of a friend of mine from volleyball, and she was there working! I chatted with her for a few minutes and then got down to business. I was late getting there, but there was still a TON of stuff. I got a little yellow kiddie chair, two old wooden band boxes, and 3 chippy, awesome dining chairs (soon to have flower pots bursting out of the seats!).

I mapped out several sales to hit on the way home, and a good portion of them were sub sales. I usually find them to be hit or miss. If it is a sub with big, newer homes, I tend to scoot on by. But if it is a sub with older homes (and hopefully older people) then I'm screeching in!

Although, my theory was proven wrong today, at least to some extent. I went to a sub sale...of older homes...where I've had great finds before...and one sale had a bunch of kids stuff outside, but also a table of glassware, so I decided to stop.

The guy running the sale had to have been about 10 years younger than me, and he had some great vintage stuff! I got a yellow metal picnic basket-all rusty and crusty, a set of Squirt salt and pepper containers, an aluminum canister set, a pair of metal paper towel/foil caddys, and a set of glass (fork and spoon) salad servers.

I stopped at a few more sales and chairs seemed to be the theme of the day! I ended up with 2 more kiddie rockers, a Holly Hobby bed tray, a couple glass milk jugs (from yesterday actually), a couple of old canning jars (for a quarter each-for a craft project), a couple of Grandma's Garden quilt pillow shams, some Charlie Brown glasses, some cordial glasses, some Wylie E. Coyote and Bugs Bunny Glasses and a little sewing box with thread.

As I was heading to another sale, I got a text from my oldest son, asking if I'd like to meet for lunch! We had a wonderful lunch at one of my favorite places-Salsarita's!

The most I spent on any one thing today was $3. Everything seemed like $2 was the magic number-so I loaded my car floor to ceiling for less than $40...not bad at all!!

 There are 3 of these chairs, I could have had 5 total, but I chose the ones in best condition. Can you see the seats removed and a galvanized or porcelain bucket of flowers spilling out of the seat area? I can see dark purple wave petunias, vinca vines, verbena, and a big spike in the middle-I can't wait to get some planted!!!

 No story on these, they just seemed to call to me...

I can see a big clay pot of red geraniums on this little seat-can't you?

 I had a Holly Hobby room when I was growing up-complete with a Holly Hobby canopy bed!

 Is that a Bakelite handle??

 Square canning jars-LOVE!!!!

 I was drawn to the pattern/design and not so much the color combinations-I LOVE this pattern!! Fifty cents for both!!!

 Missing a piece, but that's and easy fix for Kevin, and $2 leaves room for a tidy little profit!

 Someone painted one of these, and left the other alone-should I have left them at the sale? Would you have picked them up?

 Look at this rusty, crusty metal picnic basket! I love the BBQ scene!!! The inside is in wayyy better condition than the outside! Would you have grabbed it for $2, or walked away?

 Squirt s&p shakers in the original box!

 Aluminum canister set!

 Glass fork and spoon salad set!

 Wooden spools of thread in a nifty little plastic thread box!

 There are actually 6 of these little cordial glasses, all in different colors with a "Korea" tag on the bottom of a few of them...

A set of 5 Camp Snoopy glasses and 2 Wylie E. Coyote, 1 Bugs Bunny and one Mouse (can't remember his name!!!) glasses.

As we were leaving lunch, it started pouring so I gave up on the last three stops on my list and ran a couple of errands instead.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Project is for the Birds!

I saw a really fun, and bright bird bath online, and I followed all the links and they led back to a may 30, 2010 post by the Culinary Cougar on Backyard Inspiration. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, and raced out to my local big box lumber/tools/home improvement store to pick up the supplies.

I've had them for a few weeks now, just been waiting for the weather to warm up enough to spray paint. Note to self...never use leftover styrofoam under anything you are spraying-oops!

...what do you think??

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend Trip to the U.P.

I got an extra day and a half off at the beginning of Memorial weekend, and since the 23rd would have been my grandpa's 91st birthday, I decided to head north to hang out with my mom for a few days. I figured it might be kind of a hard day for her since her dad just passed recently.

 It was drizzling, foggy and cold on Wednesday.

 You couldn't even see the water below it was so foggy!

 Mom was working with the Youth Group at their church so Dad took me on a sight-seeing tour. Can you believe this monster boat is held up by a few tiny stacks of cinder blocks!?!?

I want to go back on a sunny day for a shot of this rock wall.

When I got into town on Wednesday, I stopped and picked up a pizza at a little place called Pizza Builders. We stumbled onto it last summer when I was up there, and it was really good. They've kept the goodness going, and it was still just as good this time-YAY! Plus, it was free breadstick day so that was an extra bonus!

On Thursday, we took off for Petoskey-stopping at a few antique shops along the way. We dropped her embroidery machine off to be repaired and had lunch at a wonderful little deli-Harborside Deli. It's off the main drag a little ways, but it is so very worth the drive! If you ever find yourself in Petoskey and you're looking for a place to eat-take the trip to this place-you won't regret it! In fact, you'll probably LOVE it as much as we did.

Everything was fresh, and delicious! I ordered a club sandwich on sourdough. The bread was homemade and sliced really thick. At first I was worried that it was a ton of bread, but it was so fresh, and fluffy and warm (I had it lightly toasted) that when I bit the sandwich, it was like biting into airy, fluffy goodness. Mom had a chicken Caesar wrap with giant chunks of chicken. YUM!

My dad took us out to dinner to a Mexican restaurant in St. Ignace. They had heard the chef/cook there was really good, so we were anxious to try it. My best advice-don't waste your money or your time going there. The food was mediocre at best. The salsa looked like canned salsa-almost had a spaghetti sauce look to it, and it was very bland. My fajitas were so over cooked the chicken looked and tasted like jerky. Even the refried beans were bland.

A couple of ladies who got seated in the booth to the left of the one I took this picture of, weren't happy with the salsa, and after tasting it and looking around the restaurant, asked me how our food was. I gave the so-so hand sign, and they got up and left!

 It has atmosphere and character, but the food was just so-so. I really hope they can get some better recipes-or someone who can cook-it has so much potential to be a fantastic place to eat-right on the lake, great atmosphere...
I wonder who rode their lawn mower to dinner...this was parked in the parking lot-LOL!

On Friday, we went to Gaylord because my mom had to go in for a quick dilation and photograph of her eyes to make sure everything was still ok with her macular degeneration. So we planned a day of it. My dad went too because he wanted to get some things at the big box lumber places.

We dropped mom off at the eye doctor's and dad and I went and hit a few sales! I think he had just as much fun as I did! He got a brand new, stainless steel grill for his boat-still in the box for $10-he just has to get the mounting brackets to mount it on the side rail.

After mom was done, we hit a couple more sales, then lunch at Culver's-their toasted Reuben sandwich is really good! Then we went for a pedicure (a late Mother's Day present) and did some girl shopping (Hobby Lobby) while Dad did his guy shopping. I can't believe how fast the day went! We finished it off with a walk around Mackinac City shops and dinner at Scalawags-my absolute FAVORITE place to eat in the north.

Wow! It sounds like our few days revolved around food-LOL! I guess in a way they kind of did! It was fun hanging out with my parents for a few days-sharing memories of my grandpa, and just enjoying each other's company.

I did pick up a few things in our travels...

 Although I didn't buy anything here, this was a neat little shop to visit!

 We also stopped at one of my favorite shops in Pellston. Sadly, I didn't find anything I couldn't live without, but it was still fun to look. If you ever get to Pellston, stop into the antique shop-you'll enjoy your visit!
 I got this military helmet liner for Kevin at a garage sale for $2. I think whomever painted it, probably ruined it's value. You can also just barely see the two rolls of deco mesh I got at too-fifty cents a roll at a garage sale!

 Here is a shot of the inside.

 This little table and chairs came from the Gaylord Goodwill. I always stop, so I can
stretch my legs... (smile).

A complete set of Butterprint fridgies, a vintage glass pitcher with white flowers, 2 milk glass vases, an old green beer bottle with wire top, a 60's bowl with lid and a very thick, heavy egg/relish plate.

My little Lucy went with me, she is good company for the car ride, except she always wants to be on my lap. When there weren't many cars around, I let her lay there, but once traffic picked up she had to get back to her bed. We left on Saturday, so the drive home wasn't bad at all. Traffic was pretty light until Lansing.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summertime Wishlist..

Since garage/estate/yard sales are starting to pick up and since Midland is coming up, I decided it's time to update my wish list for the summer. It always helps me to remember what I am looking for when I make a post about it, plus, I can scroll back through at the end of the season and check out how well I did.

This year, I am looking for...
 Amethyst glass rolling pin.

 Blue and white striped Pyrex mixing bowl set.

 Federal Mod flower mixing bowls to finish out my set.

 Fiesta syrup.

 Pyrex Gooseberry refrigerator set.

 Another white, twin iron bed-similar to this one that I already have for the spare bedroom.

 A Kitchen Kraft spoon and cake server to go with my fork. 

 Pyrexx 403, pink and white stripe mixing bowl.

 Red Fiesta divided plate.

 Red Harlequin pitcher.

 Fiesta relish tray inserts-need 3 plus center insert.

 Fire King Sealtest cottage cheese dishes-need purple, green and turquoise.

 Turquoise Fiesta divided plate.

 Turquoise Pyrex mini fridgies-need the two smallest ones.

 Vintage yardsticks.

 Yellow stripe Pyrex mixing bowls-two smaller sizes.

Queen size yo-yo quilt.
As always, I will also be watching for hankies, tablecloths, quilts, and anything in glass that catches my eye. I'll also be looking for soap flake pitchers, a green honey whip jar, a vintage Partridge Family lunch box, vintage ornaments, vintage blow molds, and vintage aprons. 

Now, to just find some time to hit some sales!!!