Sunday, May 6, 2018

M-15 Yard Sale Trail & Davisburg Antiques Festival Weekend!

This was a very busy weekend for treasure hunting, and the kick-off to summer time treasure hunting in Michigan. It started on Friday with the M-15 Yard Sale Trail. It runs along M-15 from Clarkston to Bay City, about 60 miles of sales!

I usually find the most sales around Goodrich, and one of my all-time-favorite places on the trail has been the Yellow Dog Marketplace, and The Beehive before that. As I came over the hill this year, I expected to see the usual log-jam of cars lining both sides of the road, and a flurry of activity from fellow treasure seekers wandering throughthe outside booths. Not so this year!

Not one car on the shoulder...not one treasure hunter darting through traffic to get to the heavily stocked booths. Instead, we saw the building that previously held tons of vintage and hand-crafted goodies, was now home to big rig truck repair! Talk about shock! I pulled off the road, and let the traffic go by, as I sat there in disbelief! That parking lot was always the BEST place for tons of vendors with great variety, and great prices. I'm still bummed, but happy to have found their Facebook page with a note that they are planning to reopen in a new location soon!

Friday was sunny, warm and a great day to be out. Until the wind picked up! Boy, was it windy! We saw mangled tents, trampolines, shingles, and fast moving trash cans! Some of the gusts were almost enough to knock a person off their feet! I think the weather kept a lot of sellers out of their yards this year. It was iffy on the rain factor, then throw in high winds...  I would have skipped selling too, if I were them.

Saturday was the first Antique Festival in Davison, so we had two big treasure hunting days back to back, and two great weather days back to back! We got a late start, and ended up having quite a hike from the parking area to the entrance. We've never parked so far out, even though we have arrived that late before. I guess there were a lot of Michigan people who were anxious to get busy treasure hunting!

With the nice weather, not onky were there TONS more shoppers, but there were a LOT more vendors! I would be willing to say probably the most ever! Between the two days, I got all of my steps in, and then some! Last night we played volleyball, 3v3 and today...I am feeling pretty worn out.

I got a few treasures between the two outings, but best of all was the time spent catching up with my treasure hunting buddy Auntie! Here are the things I saw and my treasures:

NOS Oscar the Grouch pillowcase-reverses to Big Bird...planning ahead (wink, wink)

Handstitched quilt...I love it, but should have probably left it for someone else.

It is beautifully done, in great shape, and very different from any quilt I already have. Just look at those stitches!

A new cross-body bage for travelling.

CHERRIES! I love this apron!!

This was from the trail...super gross, but super bright colors. You could see the outline of probably a lazy-Susan in the middle (the middle was clean). I don't think it was ever washed...just kept on the table for years.

This was from Saturday. I had fun digging through a huge pile of linens for it!

This was Auntie's cart...she very graciously shared with me!

The ATM has a $6.50 tranaction fee. This was a rare moment when there wasn't a line. Just past it, at the picnic table were a mom and a bunch of little, little girl scouts or brownies, selling water ans boxes of cookies. They were making big bucks while I was there.

 We got lunch from the Redwood Grill. Pulled pork nachos-YUMMM!

Look at that gorgeous sky!

I loved this, but couldn't think of where to put it, so it stayed there.

Recognize this from Auntie's cart? YEP...she got it!

Hope you are having a great weekend!