Saturday, July 8, 2017

Summertime Treasure Hunting

I've only had a few outings so far this summer for treasure hunting, and that's ok. I'm not under pressure to get out there every weekend to hunt for things to sell, and my collections are pretty close to being done/full, so there isn't the urgency of years past.

I have been to the Greenmead Flea, and a few antique malls between Findlay, Ohio and St. Ignace, Mi. I/ve found a few great things that just had to come home with me, and several things that I enjoyed just looking at, so I took pics!

Here are some pics of our garage sale...

Have you seen the ads for the bigger, better, more pizza at little Caesars? They are selling a pizza for $1 more with more pepperoni and more cheese...we tried it and compared it. It really does have more!

Treasure Hunting at Greenmead

Online find to complete my set!! That last bowl took years to find!

These were the centerpieces for the shower...the only pics I thought to take--doh!!

Online finds...super low bids...was shocked I won!

Treasure Hunting in Pellston, Mi

Treasure Hunting in St. Ignace, Mi

Craft show at the Soo...

Found this at the new antique shop in St. Ignace. It was filthy dirty and someone had sewn one edge over to make it into a curtain. It was sewn by hand in bright yellow thread. I quickly pulled it out and set it to soak!

Amazing find in Pellston!!

Who doesn't love Pyrex and penguins?!?

Summertime Pyrex!

Another amazing find in Pellston!! Fire King, and at a super great price!!

One of my mom's friends introduced me to this while we were in the U.P., it's been a fun throwback!

Treasure hunting in Findlay, Ohio at Jeffrey's

This booth was so frustrating! Most of the Pyrex was filthy dirty, like it just got pulled out of an old barn and tossed in the booth. Every third or fourth piece was actually priced-the rest wasn't, and the stuff that was priced was sky-high!! I asked a mall employee about the booth and she said the seller has been problematic, with all of the things I mentioned. She said they have to call her everytime someone is interested and an item isn't prices, and a lot of times they can't even get ahold of her. I'm still shaking my head over that. What's the point of putting your stuff in a booth, and paying rent to not sell it...??

I think this would be amazing for vintage tablecloths!! I wonder if I could get Mr to make me one...

Treasure hunting in Maumee, Oh

What a fun idea for an old treadle sewing machine!!

I still laugh every time I see this sign! Two of my loves on one sign and I'm told NO for one!!

This napkin doll was priced as a candle holder...and was a very low price. I think napkin dolls are pretty rare around here...but amongst my friends, I seem to be the only one who likes them.

Books, cut into letters...not sure how I feel about this...I love books and hate to see them ruined, but the bright colors and shapes are kind of fun...

Maybe the next time my youngest feels the urge to have chickens, we an compromise with something like these...LOL! Less mess and less work for sure!!!

Pyrex is alive and well at the Maumee Antique Mall...some great pieces and then just like anywhere, some DWD pieces, but there was plenty to choose from!

I'm on a turquoise kick right now, and I guess a red kick too! This hanky came home with me.

My first red, white and blue vintage tablecloth! All set for next year!!

A tiny little half stick butter dish...perfect for our family! The whole sticks always end up getting tossed out because they don't get used up before they go bad.

This is such a beauty! Much prettier in person! Green and white!!

Near mint brown and white!!

I LOVE games!! I've bought quite a few old games to play with my guys. This one is for one or more players!

This three tiered tidbit tray came from the upper room at Swan Creek. I think it will be lovely with Christmas cookies and candies on it!

That's all of my summer fun, so far! Today I'm doing some housework, then off the celebrate at my cousin's wedding!! This is the closest wedding and reception we've ever been to, it's only about 10 minutes away!!

Tomorrow, is the Shed 5 Flea at Eastern Market...I'm looking forward to checking out something new and a new area for Treasure Hunting!! Then Monday, is back to work-ugh! I wish I could be on vacation all the time!! I like the work I do, it's just more fun to be on vacation!!

I'll be catching up on all of my blog buddies, but if you don't have a blog, and want to share what you've been up to, send me an email-I'd love to hear from you and see what you've been doing!!