Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another Week Ends, Another Treasure Seeking Adventure Begins!

Another weekend is coming to a close and I had some fun times! On Friday I was so blessed to have lunch with my cousin and her daughter Zoe. Zoe is 5 weeks post surgery, but still isn't able to put any weight on her legs at this point so mom and dad are still carrying here everywhere. Three more weeks says the least she is cleared to go in the pool now!My youngest is too, so when they said c'mon with them to the park nearby so they could catch some, I loaded the game on my phone too!

Friday afternoon my oldest and his gf came over for a couple of hours and for some pizza. They are really having a blast with the Pokemon Go app. We walked, and laughed and walked and laughed some more!

Saturday found us getting up bright and early for the annual community sale in the local school's parking lot. It has gotten a lot smaller than it used to be, and not any real vintage or antique sellers. There were 3 big booths-all charity sales and the rest were small with newer household and kids items. I did find a couple of vintage tablecloths at one of the charity booths, and I gave them a good donation for them. They were happy, I was happy, win, win!

Today, after church Mr and I took off for Lansing/Dewitt area to Mega Mall for their outdoor flea. We were an hour later than we usually get there and it was so crazy packed with people!! I couldn't believe it! I've never seen so many shoppers! Great news for the mall and all the dealers, both inside and out! Getting around through the crowds was tricky sometimes! I didn't find anything, but caught a pokey- on the north side of their parking lot where they were telling everyone they were putting out lures. LOL!

Since we were so close, I decided to go to the Little Red Schoolhouse before heading home. That route put us within a mile of the State Capitol, and since the Pokeys are supposed to be near historic sites, we drove by. Mr had a hard time catching them all! If you or your kids are playing, you have to go to the capitol area-there are TONS there !!!

I found a couple more vintage tablecloths at the Little Red Schoolhouse and a chartreuse Fiesta tumbler.

This is what Thursday nights look like at our house! I LOVE having a yard full of people playing volleyball, laughing and having fun!

This is my newest addiction, obsession, fun little, summertime pleasure. While I was on vacation I put dark purple streaks (peek-a-boo style) in my hair, but it looked more gray than purple. When I got home I added hot pink, and that was so much fun, that I had to go back and get a couple more colors. Now I have hot pink, the new purple and blue! Real subtle, only peeks out a little bit, but so much fun!!!

This is the annual community garage sale at a local school...

After getting up early on Saturday and having a crazy busy week, I decided to read for a while...well, that lead to nodding off, but not for long...listen to the bird! What kind of bird is it? I swear it could see every time I closed my eyes!! Lucy didn't mind, she slept through it.

Mega Mall Flea

Inside pics...

See the remnants of color around the top band? Not Opal Pyrex

Reminds me of my Grandpa...he had one of these that he rode every day when he lived in Florida

You never know what you fill find at Mega Mall. Old stuff, new stuff and in between stuff!

Susie, I took this pic for you! ;)

 There was a fair amount of Pyrex here, but everything was pricey.

Back outside...this is always the bet flea dealer at Mega Mall. She has tons of glassware and Pyrex. Lately though, her prices have gone really high!

I'm not sure how I feel about kids on leashes...I can see both sides, but still find it odd to see.

After a few Pokey stops, we visited the Little Red Schoolhouse!

Great prices on Spring Blossom Cinderellas if you're in the Lansing area...

I really like both Mega Mall and TLRSH. I'm glad I live close enough to visit several times a year. If you are in southeast  or mid Michigan, you won't be disappointed if you take a quick trip to check out either of these shops.

Finally, this is what came home with me...from both, Saturday's and Sunday's parking lot sales.

I'm not even going to count how many tablecloths I have any more...I think it's safer to not know! ;)

Happy Hunting Friends! Have a fun, memorable week!