Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slow and Easy Saturday...

Today was a very quiet and laid back kind of day. We slept in a bit, made a huge breakfast, and hit a few sales. It has been really gray all day and VERY humid-but no raid...yet!

These are our treasures for today...

A bunch of late fifties/early sixties Good Housekeeping magazines-a quarter each! Don't you just love these covers? I'm having a blast going through them!

A purple Pyrex pie plate.

A purple bowl.

 Not Candlewick-but seems old...

My last galvanized bucket for flowers, and a chicken feeder.

The "guy" stuff Kevin picked up. He actually got the hatchet for free! I've been teasing him about the pill box...he bought it for his prescription acid reducer (that he keeps forgetting to take!)-hoping if he sees the box on the counter in the bathroom everyday, it will remind him to take his pill.

We made a little side-trip to Costco where we found the gutter things he was looking for last weekend at Menards..for less than half the price of Menards! Gotta LOVE Costco-what a bargain!

What were your weekend treasures?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fun!

Auntie and I met today and took off for a short little treasure seeking adventure. She was the big winner today-hope she posts about her finds!! I didn't find much today-even though there was lots to look at!

A dollar's worth of ornaments for the ornament jar, and a 25cent Pyrex divided casserole dish lid-to fit the 25cent dish I got last week!

We had a GREAT lunch today, at a place I've driven by several times and never even realized it was there!

Chef Chris’ Boogie Woogie bbq
southern style BBQ.!

Meats are slow smoked with regional fruitwoods
and Oak. The pink hue of the meat (sometimes
thought to be a sign of undercooking) is actually
the sought after “smoke ring” which is an indicator
of smoked meat perfection!
Chef Chris’ side dishes and sauces are all made
from scratch. He keeps the menu simple, focusing
on his specialties. We hope you enjoy our
down home goodness!

5589 E. M 36

We got the pulled pork sandwich and homemade mac & cheese--YUMMM!!! 

If you ever find that you are going to be in the Hamburg/Pinckney, Michigan area-stop won't regret it!

Look what else came this week...

A box full of new volleyballs for this year's league! 
I put out a request out to all of the players to see if anyone would be interested in taking over the league, so I could have a break from managing all the details, and could just come to play and have responses-sigh! I've been the volunteer coordinator for 8 years for our volleyball leagues, and I'm ready to take a break and come for the fun of it, and not because I "have to". I really hope someone steps forward--and soon!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!
Happy Treasure Seeking!!

BEST Read of the Summer!

I know, I know...I've been kind of bombarding you with books in the last couple of posts...and now here I am with one more! I think this book will probably end up being your favorite book of the summer-I know it is mine! I won't spoil it for you by telling you about it...I started it last night and finished it at 3am!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles...

I have had a ball going through this book! It has lots of wonderful pictures, and a lot of history and information!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun Reads!

I just recently read two very different books. Becca By the Book by Laura Jensen Walker and Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers. I enjoyed both of them and thought I'd let you know about them, in case you are looking for something to read.

Becca by the Book is a light, quick, fun read that had me chuckling out loud a few times. Here is what a reviewer from had to say...

Becca is the only nonbeliever in the Getaway Girls book club, mostly due to her unhappy childhood as the neglected daughter of a manipulative alcoholic mother who habitually pretended to be saved every time she wanted money. And Becca is equally adamant in her opposition to commitment, choosing to consider herself a free and adventurous spirit. When she breaks her leg skydiving and is forced into a lengthy recuperation, however, the other women in the group seize the opportunity to challenge her on several levels, and she soon finds herself introduced to Christian singles groups, language, concepts, and role models that gradually induce her to reevaluate long-held convictions. Walker’s newest Christian chick-lit novel is a leisurely spiritual coming-of-age tale rather than a romance like the first two in the series, and the prickly narrator is difficult instead of sympathetic. But readers who persevere will find the humor, snarkiness, and camaraderie engendered by a close-knit group of women of diverse ages and walks of life entertaining. --Lynne Welch  

Her Mother's Hope is another very well written book in a long line of excellent books by Francine Rivers. Here is what it is about...

Review from
Swiss-born Marta Schneider was her Papa’s least favored child, and his abuse pushes her to leave home and achieve great things, first in nearby Interlaken, later in England, then Canada, and finally in California, where she and her German husband, Niclas, settle down to raise their four children in the lull between the two world wars. Niclas is a godly and trusting man with a university degree who nonetheless has a powerful desire to work the soil. So it falls to shrewd and ambitious Marta to protect them all from greedy and unscrupulous folk who would take advantage. Romance Writers of America Hall of Famer Rivers’ eagerly anticipated, first full-length Christian novel since 2003 is an emotionally rich exploration based loosely on her own family history as it follows world events through the first half of the twentieth century. The first in a two-part saga about four women, Rivers’ novel will appeal to readers who enjoy historical fiction and sweeping family sagas with exotic settings. As her compelling characters seek to do what they feel their faith demands, Rivers sets their resonant struggles against dusty streets, windswept Canadian plains, and California vineyards in vivid scenes readers will not soon forget. --Lynne Welch

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Priceless Treasure of Family...

Sometimes you find treasures in quiet moments when you least expect them. Yesterday I went with my parents to a funeral for my Dad’s cousin Marti (Martha Ellen). I didn’t know her very well. It seemed the only times I ever saw her was at family baby or bridal showers or weddings. What I remember about her is her sweet smile, her bubbling effervescence for life and the way we could always pick up where we left off and not notice the years that had lapsed in between seeing each other last.

I was struggling with whether I should go or not. It wasn’t like we were what you would call close by any standards. I don’t remember ever meeting her kids or grandkids, although I’m sure at some point I did. I was afraid they’d say “who are you?” when they saw me at the funeral. I prayed about it quite a bit, and I really felt that I needed to be there.

I think that the past year or so, that God has been calling me into being more intentional in my relationships and dealings with people, and this was definitely something very intentional.

The funeral was at the church all of my “oldies” (older Aunts and Cousins on my Dad’s side of the family) attended at some point. It was a tiny little church (established in 1896) steeped in Lutheran culture and tradition. My Dad said that his parents and brothers and he attended there until he was 8 when a Lutheran church was built closer to their home.

Marti had attended there since 1985-like her mother before her. When we walked in, I asked my Dad if anything looked familiar, but he didn’t remember anything. My Uncle (his older brother by 4 years), came in and was looking all around and said “Boy, does this bring back memories!”  It’s pretty funny how just a couple of years changes everything about how much you remember when you are older.

Part of me wishes that life could go back to simpler times, and families could still all live in the same towns and be a part of each other’s daily lives and attend the same churches together for generations.

I’ve been pondering how different that funeral service was compared to funeral services held at our church. One thing was the candles on the altar. Our church only does candles at Christmas time. I asked if anyone knew the significance of the candles, but no one did-so I had to Google it when I got home. Initially the candles were there because there was no electricity and they were used for light. Then as they weren’t needed for light, they were used to represent “the light of the world”.  Most Lutheran churches have candelabras that have 3, 5, or 7 candles. There are 2 more candles that are placed on each side of the cross on the altar that are usually placed higher, and only lit on communion Sunday.

Another major difference was the tolling of the bells-such a somber, almost eerie sound-marking the death of someone. The ring the bell only on one side, one toll for each year of the deceased person’s life (or a combination of tolls like 6 tolls, a pause then 7 more tolls to indicate 67 years). We don’t have a bell tower on our newer more contemporary church building.

When we got there, my cousin Leona (you may remember her from an earlier post-when I ran into her at a garage sale-she’s 88!) sat right next to me in the pew and really didn’t leave my side. I was so incredibly blessed to have been there yesterday. Does that sound weird since I was at a funeral? Just being around all of my beloved oldies filled my heart to overflowing-even though the circumstances that brought us there were so sad. I spent a few hours catching up with Leona and talking garage sales! She was telling me how much she LOVES garage sales!! I told my parents it must be genetic that I LOVE sales so much-LOL!

In addition to Leona, her sisters Bernice and Loretta (and her husband Karl) were there, as well as their brother Roy (and his wife Connie), my Dad’s brothers Dale and Lowell (and his wife Doris) and a few other more distant relatives. Don’t you just love all the old names!?!

I was remembering the names of the sisters (my Dad’s mom and her sisters) who produced this legacy of family that was there yesterday. Their names were Elsie, Lillian (my grandma), Matilda (affectionately nicknamed “tightwad Tillie” by her sisters), Freida, and Emelia. I had the pure joy of growing up next door to my grandma on one side, my Uncle Lowell and his family on another side and my Aunt Elsie (Uncle Ed) and Leona on another side.

I even had the nicest visit with my Dad’s oldest brother (Dale) that I’ve ever had. He’s been volunteering at his tiny, local charity thrift shop and when they price the donated items if he thinks it is too low of a price, he buys the item, lists and sells it on Ebay then donates back all the profits! He brought along a little list (just in case I came) to ask me what I thought some things might be worth!  He recently bought an archery bow for $5-sold it on Ebay for $117 and gave them back $112!

As I reflect on the whole day…the history of the church and all the family members who worshipped there over the years, connecting again with much loved family, and just the blessing of all that those two things encompass—it was just a priceless treasure of a day.

I even have a date to go to a HUGE flea market/garage sale in Mt. Pleasant with Leona and her sister Loretta next spring! I hope when I’m her age, I’ll have half of her energy!

Yesterday was a full day on the circle of life…while we said good-bye to Marti in the morning, our dear friends welcomed their first grandson, and nephew Jackson Daniel into the world. What a bitter sweet day it was-leaving me with lots of things to ponder…treasures in the form of happy memories, hugs and connecting with family, a sweet new life, and the blessings of listening to God’s leading.

Hope you have a chance to find the treasure in your family and friends in the days, months and years to come!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Busy Rainy Saturday...

Today was a carry over from yesterday. Kinda gloomy and very humid when we first left the house, and by the time we got to the first sale it was starting to rain. We went to one that specifically listed vintage linens first! ;-) She had a lot of neat antiques, and pretty reasonable prices. I got a tablecloth and a dishcloth. She had a pretty neat I didn't get it...but it was only $15!!! I stayed strong and kept on walking-whew! I did it! I actually walked away! LOL!

After that, we went to an estate sale that Kevin wanted to go to because it listed "TONS of tools". The funny thing is...I found two tablecloths for $1 each and he didn't find anything he couldn't live without!

Then we went to a "HUGE" church fundraiser sale, with all proceeds going to an orphanage the church was helping out as a mission project. I found a Pyrex snowflake divided casserole dish for a quarter. We got there about 20 minutes after it opened and it was swarming with people-you could hardly move, let alone look at anything. It was fun though, because we ran into several people we know from volleyball and it was good to see them since we haven't seen them all summer.

Then we headed off to another estate sale offering tools...and once again...I scored-but Kevin didn't. I found the bottle above  and an enamel bowl $1 for both.

Poor Kevin. He decided we needed a trip to Menard's to make up for not finding anything good at the estate sales. By that time it was totally pouring, and since we really had nothing else to do-we headed off. We took the side roads to get there and even braved a couple sales along the way, but nothing really caught our eye.

We had a nice lunch out, then headed for home. While we were at Menard's I remembered a graduation open house we needed to go to at 3:00-and rather than go all the way home and back the way we were coming (20 minutes each way) to get to the party-I just bought another card at Menard's. That way we could stop on the way home. By the time we got half way to the party we had an extra hour to waste-so we stopped at an ice cream shop for Kevin and an antique shop with a flea market in their yard for me!

The party was nice-and the weather cleared up just in time! Now we are home, just hanging out for the evening. Adam and Matt are at their usual places in the family room in front of the t.v. and the Xbox. My parents and Eric are coming tomorrow, so I better get busy making up some beds! 

How was your Saturday??

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Flower Garden...

It's a good thing I've been finding a lot of plates and bottles to "plant" in my flower bed-because other than the weeds, not much else is happening!  Here is what it looks like-don't look too closely at the weeds-I know there are plenty of them!

I also picked this cross up today at a garage sale for $1.

Happy Weekend! :)

Sweltering Finds

Today was so muggy and the air was so heavy, at times it was almost hard to breathe. There was so much moisture in the air that sometimes it just had to erupt and fall to the ground. The forecasters have been predicting a major storm for our area for the entire day-so far only a few stray sprinkles, lots of wind and very high humidity.

I went to a few sales today and to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I had a fun time talking with the people having the garage sales, and I got some fun treasures. I also put a hole in the leather headrest of the driver’s seat of my car trying to fit my purchase in my car instead of going back tomorrow with Kevin’s truck to pick it up-ugh!

I was just thinking this morning that it would be nice to have a day bed to put in the family room downstairs, so that when grandparents come for a visit and Eric gets kicked out of his nice queen sized bed, he would have a place to sleep other than the floor or the couch in the living room. Plus, it could do double duty as a couch for the family room.

I walked right into one at the Salvation Army Thrift Store today! It even has a trundle (that looks like it was never even used!). It was white metal with brass accents…now it is sprayed hammered bronze and trying to dry outside in the humidity.

It’s perfect timing too since Eric, my parents and a little boy they help watch a couple weekends a month for a friend of theirs will be coming down to stay for a night to attend a funeral for my dad’s cousin. I only ever saw Marti (my dad’s cousin) at showers and weddings, but I really loved her-she was so fun, and kind and caring-even if I hadn’t seen her for years, it was like we were just picking up where we left off-she was much loved and will be thought of often until we see each other again some day…

Here are my treasures from today’s adventures…

A galvanized oval bucket.

A dragonfly picture holder.

 Pepe Le Pew 1973 drinking glass.

Petunia and Porky Pig drinking glass 1973.


Bugs Bunny.

Sylvester and Tweety.

Foghorn Leghorn-I figure Eric will get a kick out of this!

Green stripes.

A couple of bottles to try out the apothecary labels from Just Something I Made.

A tablecloth and 6 matching napkins-already run through the washer and hung out to dry on the deck. Looks like this one will need some serious ironing!

I also got some blue bottles, but I already "planted" them in the flower garden-I'll post some pictures soon!

What about you? What kinds of treasures did you find today?

Tomorrow, I am going to a couple of sales so I'll let you know if I find anything!

Happy Weekend-hope you have a great one!!!

A very cool post-you have to check it out!!!

I just read a very cool post from a very creative blogger! Cathe at Just Something I Made scanned and posted some vintage labels that are free for anyone to use from her site. That is really awesome-LOVE it!! As you scroll down, she shows some of the things she has made with these labels...

The apothecary jars are nice, and even a project I could do, but it's the bath towels that gave me goosebumps! Makes me wish I liked sewing!!! Gasp! Yep-I admit it-I don't like to sew...I like to come up with projects and what they will look like-even shop for and gather the supplies to create a project, but I have no patience for sewing.Sigh-wish I did-I'd make these to hang in my bathrooms in a heartbeat!

Thanks for the post Cathe-Loved it!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lead Me... and Stepping into Sunlight...

I'm really loving the song Lead Me by Sanctus Real...scroll down on my playlist (#1) and give it a listen-I bet you like it too!

I just finished reading Stepping into Sunlight by Sharon is a picture and description from CBD (Christian Book Distributors) as to what the book is about:

After Penny Sullivan witnesses a shocking crime, even the routines of daily life become more than she can handle. But with her husband away at sea and a 7-year-old son depending on her, hiding isn't an option! So she formulates a restoration plan---do one kind thing for somebody every day. The healing results will surprise you!  

This book is very well written and it keeps you turning the pages to see how she is going to make it through every little thing that comes up-with God's help.

Yeah, it's a happy ending Christian fiction book, but it was one that I enjoyed-hope you like it too!

Purple - Show Your Color Collection!!

I read a really fun post on 1950's Atomic Ranch House about a vintage pink collection and decided to show some of my purple collection! Mine is not all vintage though-some of it is old, some of it is new, and some of it is in between - but it IS purple!

 Mantle shelf (made by Kevin) with some purple treasures.

 Some purple pictures.

 All of these purple pictures came from either a garage sale or thrift store.

Amethyst depression glass.

Blenko and Pilgrim crackle glass.

More purple glass. The paperweight is almost glowing red from the flash.

More purple glassware.

Purple bowls-there are 8 of the darker ones all stacked up.

Plum Fiesta-with a piece of heather Fiesta!

More plum Fiesta!

More plum Fiesta!

Purple mixer (and purple towel to hide my reflection in the bowl-LoL).

Quilt in purples-made by my mom-designed by me!

Purple lap quilt.

Stained glass sun catcher-made by mom-reflecting all the rain we are getting right now!

Purple Hydrangeas!

Purple grapes on an old candy dish given as a shower present-22 years ago, from my very old Aunt Tillie (who is no longer with us). Oh, and purple wallpaper in the background!

Stained glass pantry doors. Doors made by Kevin, glass work done by mom, designed by me. I draped a white sheet behind the doors so you could see the patterns in the glass, and not the cans and boxes in our pantry. This is one door-there is another door that is exactly like this right next to it.

Trunk lined with purple hydrangeas and purple pillows and blankets.

Two purple plates!

Purple cleaning products-I have dish soap too-oh and a purple vacuum-LOL!

As you can see-I LOVE PURPLE!

What color is YOUR collection??? Please post your pictures-I'd love to see them!!!