Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun Day Treasure Seeking!

Since I am still on vacation from work for a few more day, I decided to check out some local sales today. It was really, really HOT! One place, while I was shopping and holding a bowl that I planned to purchase, I could just feel the sweat running down my arm where the bowl was-ewww! It was 93 degrees and very humid.

As I was driving home, the sky got really dark and the temperature started about 20 minutes it went down 20 degrees and then it poured!!! Whew! We needed it! Now it's kinda gloomy outside, no more rain, but it's only 73 degrees-nice!

This is what I found today...

A nubby (hobnail?) amethyst vase. It was just different enough, and the right shade of purple that I couldn't leave it behind.

Two very neat old wooden boxes with zinc straps.

Sharp Shooters dice game-we already have this game and like it a lot. This one is for my parents house-we always play a lot of games when we are up there. Have you tried this one Junque Magnet? I'll bet your family will like it! ;)

A clear glass cutting board-and it's a big one too!

A small orange enamel tea pot, and my final, last, never again (I hope) Pyrex yellow mixing bowl. I keep seeing individual bowls to this set at crazy low prices, so I pick them up---then it becomes an adventure to find the rest in the set. Now I only need the small blue bowl to finish this set, and hopefully sell it!

I've been Biz-ily soaking all of the stained vintage tablecloths I've picked up this summer. For the most part, I have been extremely happy with the results. Almost every single stain has come out. there is the one with the sharpie stains ( I don't even think straight bleach could fix those stains), but other than that, it is working great! It is really tough on your hands though-my hands are really dry and a couple of fingers are peeling-I keep forgetting to put gloves on-duh! Oh, well...I am down to just a few cloths left, and I'm glad I tried it! 

I've been hanging them out on our deck rails to dry. Unfortunately, the ones out there right now, got an extra rinse in the rain!

The stains did lighten a little bit...I'm wondering if a Clorox pen (if they still make them), might work a little more.

These are "before" pictures of my most stained tablecloth...I have huge doubts, but we'll see...I really have  nothing to lose since it is stained all over.

If it works, GREAT! If not, then no big deal. Most of these came from garage sales, and were priced anywhere from 25¢ to $1, or a couple dollars at most. That is why I am so thrilled that Biz has worked so far!

Tomorrow, I plan to visit a few local estate sales...I may have to make a huge sacrifice and visit one on Kevin's behalf since he is working...I know, I know, it's a big sacrifice to go to an estate sale, less than 10 miles away, but somebody has to do it-LOL! There is a sale that has a wood lathe, that he might be interested in, so being the loving wife that I am...I would go there for him-out of love-of course! ;)

Hope you find some great treasures this weekend! 

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  1. Very funny.You got me there.That would be one we have yet to find/try.I am in serious drool mode over that enamel teapot.Orange is our favorite color and the vintage cupboard in my kitchen is full of orange trinkets.Enamel ware is the COOLEST!! Enjoy.