Monday, July 12, 2010

Cleaning and Arranging...and Arranging....and Still Not Happy...

I spent a good chunk of yesterday cleaning our family room in our basement with Adam. We moved all the furniture (to new spots), vacuumed, cleaned cob webs (usually only the boys and their friends hang out there-so I haven't been too persnickety about how it is set up). That's about to change-shh! They don't know this yet! :)

I also spent some time loading up the new bookcases Kevin made for me with a lot of my treasures. I really like how the unit on the right turned out. I'm kind of liking the unit on the left, but I really don't like the middle unit. It is far from done, and it just leaves me kind of luke warm. What does it need? I think it needs some differing heights, too much is all the same height and too much going on, but it is such a big space to fill...

The whole cabinet.

The left side.

The right side.

The middle with doors open.

My china cabinet is breathing a sigh of relief! It lost a lot of weight yesterday!

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