Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation...Week Two!

I was trying to remember the last time that I was able to have a 2 week vacation, and I think it was way back when I was in middle school or early high school, before I got my first job! I've been enjoying not having a schedule, and just stopping and smelling the roses!

Not looking forward to all the work piling up back at the office though-ugh! I won't think about that though until Monday morning-I'm determined to enjoy every minute of my respite from work!

We got home yesterday from my parents. The traffic wasn't as bad as I thought. We made really good time, and only ended up taking about an extra half an hour than usual-not bad. We got home to hot, hot, hot temperatures-wow! There is nothing more soothing than the gentle hum of the air conditioner-that's for sure! 

When we left the U.P., it was cool, misty and very foggy. The further south we drove, the clearer the skies got, and the warmer the temps got.

Today, Auntie and I took off for a quick little adventure to check out the new Lamb's Gate in Old Town Lansing. It's a cute little shop-wish it was bigger like their Grand Ledge location-which we had to visit too!

I didn't buy anything at the new store, but I got a couple of neat vintage treasures at the Grand Ledge location.

We also tried to stop at a new place...but it ended up being a place we visited last winter. When I looked it up on line, it gave a totally different name-but when we arrived, it ended up being April's Antiques and Home Furnishings. They have really cleaned it up since our last visit, but is mostly furniture now with very little household treasures. I think we both agreed that we can cross this shop off of our list for any future visits-unless we are in the market for used furniture.

Since we got home from our trip north, I've been surprised to see how much the chicks have grown!! Here are some new pictures...mostly for Eric, since he is still in the U.P. and they are his babies.

There is a really big difference in size now as compared to the quail.

She's always watching.
While I was up north, I picked up a couple of treasures at a couple of different garage sales. It was upon closer inspection (after we got back to my parent's house) that I noticed some stains.
  After...the stains have gotten smaller and a lot lighter-I may just try soaking it again.

Ewww...Nasty!     Before...

After! Ta-da! I LOVE BIZ!!! 
What a great job it does and doesn't harm the colors or the material. I've been BIZ-ily soaking all of my linens with stains today and have been very pleasantly pleased with the results.

I've read a lot of "recipes" for cleaning spots on linens, and since I couldn't find one of the key ingredients in the last "recipe" I read, I just decided to try the BIZ by itself, and it works GREAT!! Plus there is a $1 off coupon inside for your next purchase-what a bargain! :)

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