Thursday, July 22, 2010

Purple - Show Your Color Collection!!

I read a really fun post on 1950's Atomic Ranch House about a vintage pink collection and decided to show some of my purple collection! Mine is not all vintage though-some of it is old, some of it is new, and some of it is in between - but it IS purple!

 Mantle shelf (made by Kevin) with some purple treasures.

 Some purple pictures.

 All of these purple pictures came from either a garage sale or thrift store.

Amethyst depression glass.

Blenko and Pilgrim crackle glass.

More purple glass. The paperweight is almost glowing red from the flash.

More purple glassware.

Purple bowls-there are 8 of the darker ones all stacked up.

Plum Fiesta-with a piece of heather Fiesta!

More plum Fiesta!

More plum Fiesta!

Purple mixer (and purple towel to hide my reflection in the bowl-LoL).

Quilt in purples-made by my mom-designed by me!

Purple lap quilt.

Stained glass sun catcher-made by mom-reflecting all the rain we are getting right now!

Purple Hydrangeas!

Purple grapes on an old candy dish given as a shower present-22 years ago, from my very old Aunt Tillie (who is no longer with us). Oh, and purple wallpaper in the background!

Stained glass pantry doors. Doors made by Kevin, glass work done by mom, designed by me. I draped a white sheet behind the doors so you could see the patterns in the glass, and not the cans and boxes in our pantry. This is one door-there is another door that is exactly like this right next to it.

Trunk lined with purple hydrangeas and purple pillows and blankets.

Two purple plates!

Purple cleaning products-I have dish soap too-oh and a purple vacuum-LOL!

As you can see-I LOVE PURPLE!

What color is YOUR collection??? Please post your pictures-I'd love to see them!!!

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