Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Fun in the U.P.

The days have just been flying by since we've been up here! It is sad to think that we have to go home tomorrow! Adam and his friends have kept us laughing-they are a great bunch of guys, and it's been fun to share our vacation with them.

My mom and I hit the road on Friday and made a day of visiting garage sales and antique shops. We went to Curtis, Germfask, Blaney Park, Naubinway and Manistique.

 Cute little shop in Curtis. They hold a flea market all summer on the weekends in their parking lot. This was the first day and only one vendor showed up-an Amish or Mennonite man with lots of baked goods. We bought some blueberry and cherry fry pies. They were like turn overs and they were really yummy!!

It was a fun day, but a LOT of driving!! We both enjoyed all the things we saw-some things brought back a lot of memories and some things were things we had never seen before. I am still kicking myself for passing up a cat faced string holder that was $2 at one of the sales. I picked it up and showed it to my mom and explained to her what it was, and set it back down because cats just aren't my thing-even though it was pretty cute. Later on, we saw the same string holder in an antique shop in Blaney Park for $50!! and learn-huh?

I got a few great bargains and so did my mom. This is what I got:

This little table has hide-able leaves on each side and a drawer in the middle. It was too heavy to lift out of the car by myself-I want to do some work on it too. I'm not crazy about the green paint-it looks like it was originally white under the green paint so I plan to return it to the original colors.

When we got back to the house, my mom took me downstairs to look through a bag of linens that had belonged to my dad's mom that they have kept since she passed away in 1985. She gave me a German tablecloth and a doily from the bag-to have just because they used to be Grandma's.

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  1. It looks like you had LOTS of fun -- there were a few princes hiding among the frogs...