Friday, May 1, 2015

What a FUN Day!!!

Today kicked off garage sale season for me in a HUGE way!! It was the first unofficial day of the M15 sale. An 80 mile long yard sale trail that starts in Clarkston, Michigan and runs all along M15 to Bay City. I've done this route at least three other times. Last year, I skipped it because it was rainy and cold, and the 1st ever Davisburg Antiques Festival was the next day, so I wasn't so worried about missing out on junk hunting.

The sale doesn't really officially start until tomorrow, but there were TONS of sales open today, and TONS of shoppers! I've been on Friday before and I've been on Saturday. There are several more large parking lot sales on Saturday, but I think there was plenty to look at and wander through without all those other stops.

My junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage, and I had so much fun! I can't even begin to count how many sales we visited. Most of them were huge, most of them had vintage, and most of them had great prices! What a great way to kick off garage sale season!!

I didn't get much for myself. Most of what I bought was for other people. I found a lot of stuff for my friend Bonnie and her side business of renting vintage dishes for wedding receptions, and a few things for a work friend who is hosting her son's wedding reception in her backyard the first weekend in June.

I saw so many things that would have been perfect for a wedding reception! I  hope at least one of my boys marries a girl who likes vintage!! I've had so much fun shopping sales for friend's kid's weddings that I hope I get to do a reception or at the very least shower some day for my future daughter-in-law. I guess I'm jumping ahead, because neither of my guys is dating anyone...a mom can dream-right??

 Here are some pics of our day...

There were two boxes of 24 shakers. One whole box of salt, and one of pepper. I only got the pepper shakers, because the lids on the salts were corroded. These will be used at a wedding reception the first Saturday in June for some friends.

These vendors were all set up at the Yellow Dog in Goodrich. I was so excited with my purchase, that I totally forgot to go inside!! We are going back tomorrow to pick up what I left behind, so hopefully I'll remember to go in.

What a clever idea! Golf balls with screws coming out of them, sprayed in bright colors--for the flower gardens to give them some color when the real flowers aren't blooming! I'm on the hunt for golf balls now!!

Such variety all along the sale! It really was fun just seeing it all!

Look at THIS!!!   YAY!    Shhh! Mr has no idea that I bought this today! Auntie and I are going back tomorrow after Davisburg to get it. I need more corners in my house now!
 This was only about half way through...

 Auntie got a great picture!

Love the mosaic picture on the outside of this house!!

I remember posting a pic of these mushrooms on an earlier trip to the M15 at this house.

 This barn is at the same house as the mosaic and the mushrooms! What a whimsical sense of decor! I'd LOVE to see the inside of the house!!

Filling up a little more!!

Unfortunately, my friend only wanted plain now I have a poor little pitcher that nobody wants...I think it's really pretty, but it's not my style.

Some sales were just totally overwhelming!

We stopped at Mike's in Millington.

We stopped at Village Antiques in Millington.

We stopped at the gifts and antiques store in Millington.

This is my favorite booth at this little shop! So much to see!!

These are some of the plates I got for my friend Bonnie.

For me...

This is very grimy and greasy. I know it will clean up with a little hot water and soap.

An unused journal.

Another cake another cake to make for another birthday boy on Monday--thinking a triple decker this time!

This was waiting for me when I got home! I got a super deal online on these. I only needed the little one, so the big one will either be for sale or trade soon.

Another set competed!

This is a cake I made for my oldest son's best friend. His birthday was in early April, but he was away at school. When he found out I got a printer that prints food coloring on rice paper, he asked for a birthday cake with his face on it! I think he really liked it!

 This is the cake I made for my youngest son-his birthday was April 21. He turned 21.

Double layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

We hit a mini milestone on April 29. It was the 29th Anniversary of my first date with Mr. This picture was taken that same year, but at Thanksgiving time at his grandparent's house. We didn't take a picture around our first date.

Tomorrow is the Davisburg Antiques Festival and I'm already getting excited to hunt for more treasures! I actually enjoy the hunt so much more than buying! I'd even be happy if I came home empty handed-I love the hunt THAT much! Auntie can't see what all the excitement is about. She and I are opposites, she doesn't like the hunt as much as I do. One of these days, it's going to rub off on her and she'll love it just as much as I do-just you watch!!

More fun to come tomorrow!! :)


  1. The title of this post is perfect! I wish we had something like this sale around here.

    That tablecloth is gorgeous. All my favorite colors together!

    Have an amazing weekend. Seems to me you are off to a great start.


    1. It's been a wonderful weekend! Now I need to go back to work so I can rest! ;)

  2. I love the hunt more than the buying too! I feel good when I am in a huge space with vintage all around - it makes me forget all the bad in the world for awhile - a real vacation! I am happy you got good weather this year for hunting. Your friends are lucky to have you as personal shopper.

  3. We DID have fun! Not only can I not count how many sales we went to, I can't count how many times we laughed. It was a great weekend all around...