Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday finds...and a couple other treasures

After church on Sunday, Kevin decided he wanted to go to Harbor Freight. The closest one is over half an hour away. As he thought about it, he decided he wanted to go to Menard's too. The closest one is almost an hour away, but there happens to be both a Menard's AND a Harbor Freight in that area, only a few miles apart. So, off to Lansing we went.

As we were driving, I went on Craigslist to see if there were any leftover garage sales or estate sales we could visit while we were out that way. I found an estate sale and a flea market and couldn't wait to get through with the guy stores to get to the junk treasures.

As we were getting closer to HF, I started perking up in my seat, noticing that things were starting to look familiar...When we got there, we both laughed because we forgot that the Little Red Schoolhouse antique shop was across the street!

I told Kevin to take all the time he wanted looking for tools I'd be content wandering through looking at all the lovelies. I found a couple of things that I couldn't live without, and then we headed to the estate sale.

 I already had one of these, I'd like to get one more for a set of 4.

Now I have a pair of yellow and a pair of ivory!

It was the last day, and the garage was still packed with stuff. Not much in the house, but I don't think very much was in there to start with. I think it was mostly in the garage. The prices seemed really high to me, and I guess with all the stuff still left, they must have seemed high to everyone else too. Just as I was about to give up and walk to my car, I caught a glimpse of a table full of sheets. I dug through and found 3 vintage tablecloths marked either fifty cents or a dollar each!!

Kevin bought a toolbox full of tools junk according to the woman running the sale. When we got to the car, we both commented on how one man's junk is another man's treasure. It was obvious she didn't value the tablecloths or the toolbox full of tools, but we did, and we're happy to have them-especially at the prices we got them for!

The flea market was next and it was not good at all! It was a big parking lot with a hot dog truck and maybe a dozen stand alone items and one table. I was disappointed, but glad we went, so I wouldn't always be wondering what it was like.

Menard's was our last stop and we wandered and shopped and wandered some more before heading home with our treasures. I hope someday to have a Menard's a lot closer! I've found some great things there!

Yesterday, I got a package in the mail. It was something I bid on and won on Ebay. My very first Yo-yo quilt. I was so thrilled and beside myself with excitement as I waited for it to arrive! I got it super, super cheap (insanely cheap), and almost hyper-ventilated when I opened the box-that's how excited I was!

When I opened the box, the smell was the first thing to hit me like it had been around a smoker at one time-probably not recent. It wasn't super strong, but it was there. Then as I unfolded the quilt, I thought "where's the rest of it?"It was advertised at 86x60 and when I measured it, it was only 48x60!

I sent the seller a quick message asking if there was another piece that might have not made it into the box. She replied just a little while ago, she made an honest mistake. She measured it folded and multiplied it by 4 rather than stretch it all out. I believe her. She seemed really distraught over it,and it didn't just seem like just words to get out of a sticky situation.

I'm still happy with it, although I wish it were bigger. Folded up it looks bigger than it really is, so since it isn't even a twin size, I guess it will live folded up with my other quilts. What would you have done? Would you keep it? She offered a discount of almost 1/3 off, but I declined. I'm not trying to rip her off, I was just hoping for the size that was advertised.

I doubt I'll ever find any vintage material to expand it, since the material is very distinctive, and I think adding more yo-yo's in different material would look too weird. Oh day I will find one that is big enough and in my price range-I just have to keep looking!

I got this quilt a few weeks ago, but I don't think I posted a picture of it. It too was ridiculously cheap (my price range), and I love it because it is purple!!!

How are you doing on your summer wishlist? Did you make one? Are you finding things? I'm still looking for the Federal Mod Daisy mixing bowls and the 2 side inserts for my Fiesta relish tray, and the center insert. I'm also looking for 2 small turquoise Pyrex fridgies to finish off my set. I found an amethyst glass rolling pin on Ebay, but didn't pay attention and lost out on it for just one more bid--doh!

No luck with the Fiesta syrup or the red divided plate, or the red Harlequin pitcher. I did get a pink and white stripe Pyrex 403 bowl that should be here any day, but none in the blue so far. I guess that just means more searching!! I LOVE the treasure hunt, so that won't be a problem!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wedding...

Saturday was the day!! The much anticipated, highly looked forward to day! The wedding of Meghan and Tyler. It was held at an historic church in a local community. Had we not been running late due to construction traffic, I would have taken some pictures of the outside of the building as well as what I got from the inside.

It was a beautiful setting for a beautiful bride and groom and their beautiful ceremony. Take a look at some pictures...

One man sitting at my table was touched by the plate that his dessert came on. It was the same pattern his grandma had while he was growing up and he has never seen that pattern anywhere since. It really touched his heart and brought back memories! I love that!!!