Thursday, July 18, 2013

A quick project

I saw a post by The Graphics Fairy on her DIY Projects for the Home blog last week, and couldn't wait to try it. It just so happens that tomorrow I am co-hosting a tea party for a very special, almost five year old little girl and a couple plates painted with a bright doily would be perfect to serve our sweets from.

I found the plates at Target. Walmart carries them too, but my local store was out of them when I went shopping. I found the Martha Stewart stencil and paint at Michael's. We have new Michael's and this project gave me an excuse to check out the new store.

The stencil is supposed to be sticky and stay in place. I must have gotten one that missed the sticky treatment, because it was barely tacky. Plus it was a little difficult to keep it tight to the plate with the slight curve to the plate. I painted the backside of the plate so it could be used for food.

We have little tiaras, and feather boas from the dollar store, mini brownie bites and raspberry and apple filled mini pastries, mini cakes with a fancy "Z" on them for Zoe, cloth napkins, tissue flowers, a vintage tablecloth, tissue paper flowers, a little craft project and a sand bucket filled with fun things any 5 year old girl would love!

The tea party is tomorrow morning at 10am-don't want to spoil her lunch by having it too late! I'm looking forward to it!

Here is what I used and the finished product. For a non-crafty person, I think they turned out pretty well-just imagine a crafty person doing this and how nice they would look!!

 This is what I started with.

 I used a new one for each color.

 These are the colors.

This is the Martha Stewart screen print kit I bought.

This was the big one and there were three small flower shapes too!

Soon to be filled with yummy little desserts that any kindergartner would love!

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