Sunday, March 29, 2015

Couldn't be More Proud!

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest son asked me in a nonchalant sort of way, if I would be interested in going to watch him get inducted into a national honors nursing society. I jumped all over it! Of course I'd be there!!! Well, our weeks got busy, and it slipped my mind, until he mentioned it again and told me what time we'd have to leave to get there in time. He also mentioned that he didn't think it was any big thing, because the email they sent to him telling him where and when, was very vague. It just said 2:00 at the Student Center at Eastern and the date.

I suggested to his younger brother that it would be a good thing for him to go as well, to show support for his brother. He went right to his brother and complained that I was making him go! That started a very crabby conversation with the oldest, asking why I was making his brother go, and how he told him to stay home because he didn't want to be that guy showing up with his whole family for something that was so small, and not that big of a deal. Which then lead to him telling his dad he could stay home as well.

So it ended up just being the two of us. We got there right on time, but the first parking lot was full, so we had to go further away and pay for parking. By the time we walked into the building, we were pushing being late. He wasn't worried. He said it's across from Wendy's, it's not a big deal, and he wasn't expecting a ceremony-just a table where they'd hand him a certificate and honor cords to wear at graduation and we'd leave.

The only problem...there wasn't anything across from Wendy's in the Student Center. It was just a small seating area, with students hanging out and doing homework. There weren't any signs in the building indicating where we should go, so we decided to go upstairs. Good thing there was an information desk on the second floor! When we asked the attendant, she said, "Oh, that's in Ballroom A". I gave him the mom look and shook my head as we walked over and checked him in. I had a feeling it was a bigger deal than what he was thinking. He didn't dress up-he kind of went in the middle, not really dressy, but not jeans and a t-shirt, because he thought it was going to be so low-key.

As you can imagine, since it was in the ballroom,  it was kind of a big deal. There were several round tables set up, with tablecloths and centerpieces, and at each table were junior, senior and graduate nursing students along with their F A M I L I E S!! Imagine that! Families coming to show their support and pride in their honor students while they are inducted into the honor society!

He said that he felt bad for not letting his dad come when he saw all the other families there. The whole thing only took about an hour. It went really fast-the longest part was the key-note speaker, who basically admitted to finding her speech on Google.

He was called up with the junior class to receive his award. He doesn't technically start his senior year until September, even though he graduates in December. Only 15 students got high enough grades in the Junior class to be honored with induction into Sigma Theta Tau. I believe he said that students have to get a 3.9 or higher to be inducted.

Since he didn't want to be "that"family, I didn't dare ask to take my camera, so these pics are from my phone-so not that great, but at least I got some!!

 He really had to duck low for the little lady in front of him to put the cords around his neck. 

 These were all the students being inducted. juniors, seniors, graduate nurses, and two honorary inductees.

Proud mama moment for sure!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Catching Up...Today's Adventure...

I just couldn't share my finds from today's adventure at the end of the last post about the horrible accident that I just barely missed, it just didn't seem right. So I'll share my adventure in this post.

This is what I saw as I was pulling out of my garage...when I got up, it was just a few little flakes floating and dancing around in the air. Less than an hour later, it was this.

My first stop was at Around the Farm Antiques in Birch Run. I've been to this shop many times. It's a fun little shop to wander through. It was freezing in there today. The cashier had her winter coat on while she was ringing people up.

 I fell in love with this tiny buffet! 

Handmade banners, others said WELCOME.

 LOVED this wall of license plates!! Half were out of state, and half were Michigan, displayed by year. 
Not my color, but a great price!! Hopefully some of my Michigan Fiesta-collecting blog friends will see this  be able to get over there to get it!

Cute little display throughout.

Just two tenths of a mile north is a cute little shop that I've never stopped at before. It's called Bloomin' Treasures. I'm wondering what treasures I've missed over the years! Cute little shop, with lots of fun things to look at. 

 Why does my heart leap whenever I happen upon an old pie safe?? Maybe when the boys are both out of the house, I can fill up the basement with these filled with old quilts. tablecloths and Pyrex!

The Queen lives here! The next time I visit, I hope Auntie can come with me, she would like to see the Queen!

Less than a block away was the next stop. Another shop that I've never been to before. Their sign said they had over 300 cookie jars. They sure did! It was fun looking at them all! They had a nice variety of things to look at other than cookie jars. I got a big kick out of the two ladies behind the counter. They were scratching lottery tickets like crazy! Every once in a while, I'd hear, "Oh, I just won another dollar!" 


I couldn't find a price tag on this. Any ideas as to what it is? It has metal hinges on the inside that look to lock in place to keep it open. It is all plastic-other than the hinges. I thought maybe a sewing box, but there wasn't any trays-just a big empty box. 

The next stop was The Village Antique Mall in Millington-the main destination of the trip. Other than a couple of workers and a couple of dealers restocking I was the only other person in the whole shop. It has changed a lot since my last visit. I found a badly DWD red Pyrex 402 for $2, so I bought it-just to try BKF on it and to see if I could bring some life back to it. 

I didn't work on it very hard, I couldn't find my magic erasers, and not one of my guys has a clue where they might be. I'm thinking they used them...or maybe it was "I don't know" who used them. "I don't know seems to have been busy in our house the past few weeks. My friend at work told me that when my boys move out, "I don't know" moves out with them-ha!

After BKF and a little squirt of citrushine. Great for finishing off my set for $2. 

The ladies at check-out told me there were two other shops within the block that I should visit. I've never visited them before. One of them was closed the last time I was there, and the other said, Antiques and Gifts, so I just assumed it would be full of gifty type things with a token antique tossed in here and there. Boy-was-I-WRONG! I'm sad to think of all the fun treasures I missed by not stopping in before now!

This shop is definitely on my list for return visits!! So much to see! Great displays and great prices!

This place was small-just one room, but it was packed!! 

Between this shop and the Village there was a little Variety Store. I LOVE those kind of stores! Reminds me of my high school days working at a local five and dime store. I went in for a quick wander through the aisles, and was pleasantly surprised to see these...

We use a LOT of plastic tablecloths at the church that I work at, and I'm always looking for places to get them for cheap! Our local stores sell the skirting for $6.79...I think I'm making a trip to Millington when I need tablecloths and skirts for a big event again!

I had planned to stop at Mike's Antiques, but somehow, I drove past without realizing it. I ended up at McDonalds in Otisville, and ended up losing the grilled chicken out of the bottom of my wrap. The lettuce was fresh though. 

I kept on going, and ended up at Collette's. It's always a treat to wander through all the booths there. Every time I go there are different booths, and displays. I almost always find things that end up coming home with me. 

Here are my finds for the day...

The first two things came from the Antiques and Gifts shop. 

 I LOVE spoon jewelry!! This one is for a friend who has asked me to find one for her--after she saw the one I got at Davisburg last spring. I have my calendar cleared for the Davisburg antiques market-I can't wait to go again in May!!

 This summer I plan to make a giant, wooden shape of Michigan covered in vintage Michigan license plates. I picked up a few at Around the Farm to add to the collage.

 This little beauty was from the Antiques and Gifts shop-see what I mean about all the goodies I've missed out on because I judged a shop by it's sign!?!? Pretty sure the lid doesn't go with fits kind of.

 Pretty stained, but pretty cheap. Another bargain treasure from Collette's. 

The red 402, the hanky and the butterprint are from The Village. I only need the 441 butterprint and that set is complete!

See the dish on the bottom? I got a smokin' hot deal on it. The cashier couldn't believe her eyes! I couldn't believe my eyes when I first found it. It was pretty  much a garage sale price-in an antique mall!! I'm sure I could sell it for at least three to four times what I paid for it...if I were going to sell it. I will, sell it...some day. For now, it will live a happy life in my Vintage Kitchenware Foster Care System. The tablecloth is from Around the Farm.

I had planned to stop at Fratz on the way home, but decided to skip it. The northbound expressway was still closed three hours later when I was driving home on the southbound side. There was a 2-lane, bumper to bumper back-up that went for 4 solid miles. 

I stopped at Target in Fenton to see if they had the 100th Anniversary bowls and measuring cups. My local Target didn't have them. When I asked the manager, at my store, he didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. I had to spell Pyrex three times for him to punch it into the computer to look up. I had already gotten my online order of bowls but I skipped the white one, and I was wishing I would have gotten one. I was thrilled to see them sitting on the shelves, and even more happy when I saw the sign that said they were 15% off!!

I got a couple measuring cups too. The ones I use every day are from my wedding almost 27 years ago, and they are in really rough shape. Chips and scratched up pretty bad. It will be nice to be able to read the lines again when I'm measuring!

I'm looking forward to the Williamston Antiques Spring Open House tomorrow! Auntie and I are going. It's tradition! I don't even care if I don't find anything-it's just a fun adventure that we've been going to for too many years to count. Any of my Michigan friends going?? Maybe I'll see you there!!

Oh, I almost forgot...I keep getting emails asking for a picture of my new rings...yes, I know they are on my finger backward-it was the best way to get a good shot. 

I LOVE them! I catch myself looking at them all the time! I'm a very spoiled girl!