Saturday, March 7, 2015

Harbor Freight, Menard's, Antiques, Oh My!

Today was a very full day!! Mr. wanted to go to Harbor Freight, and Menard's. I was all for staying home and vegging out after my long day yesterday, but decided to go when he said he was heading to Westland, because that is very close to Livonia, and that is where a couple of fun antique shops are.

We have been going to the Menard's in Livonia for about a year now, and never bothered to look to see if there was a Harbor Frieght nearby. There is! It's only a few miles away. I decided to go inside Harbor Freight so I could take a look at their parts sorter/storage thing. I found it-in a box,needing to be put together, and Mr immediately slipped a 20% off coupon in my hand-SOLD! I also picked up a collapsible canvas car organizer, for keeping treasures from flying around in the back of my car. I wish I would have gotten two! Another time.

We also visited The Town Peddler Antique and Craft Mall, and Town and Country Antiques. I picked up a newer hat pin at the Town Peddler, but nothing at the other mall. Right in front of Menard's is a brand new Goodwill store. It's a beautiful store-only a couple vintage things-and they were really priced high! They had four Colonial Homestead plates for $49.99...I think that is even higher than

Lots of Pyrex, Tupperware, and Corningware at Town Peddler! 

We had lunch across the street from Menard's at...yep...Culver's. We both joked and said, "We should move to Livonia!" Two nice antique malls, Harbor Freight (nearby), Menard's and Culvers-what more could we want!?! No, we're not moving-just joking around.

We stopped and got groceries on the way home. It wasn't very crowded for a Saturday, maybe everyone was out enjoying the above freezing for a change temperatures! I always check out the "reduced for quick sale" bakery racks because my guys love their sweets. I picked up some Paczki-like donuts (they were labeled Paczki), that looked like chocolate glazed-so I assumed they were creme filled...wrong! Apple filled-blech! That doesn't even sound good to me! I guess the guys don't care-the box is more than half empty already!

While Mr. went and played his volleyball match, I stayed home and made a new to me recipe for meatloaf (it was yummy), as well as Peanut Butter Cookie's "resting" in the fridge until tomorrow's dinner. It was very easy to make, and if it tastes as good as it looks, I think I'll be making it again.

I forgot to drizzle the top with peanut's all inside...I'm sure it will still be tasty!

Tomorrow is the day for vegging out. Church in the morning, relaxing the rest of the day.

My treasures today:

Just need the 404 and the set will be complete!

Not old at all, but I liked the look of it and the bright colors. 

 If and when we ever get around to re-doing the kitchen, I think I like these cabinets. A little bit rustic, with glass for displaying treasures!

Hope you have a great-rest-of-the-weekend!!!

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  1. I recently had someone ask me on Instagram if Snowflake Garland came in mixing bowl sets. I told her they did but were not really common to find. Since then, I've seen them everywhere! Funny how that happens. I'll keep my eye out for a 404 for you.

    Enjoy your Sunday!