Saturday, March 21, 2015

Time Well Spent

Yesterday and today were really fun days-definitely time well spent!! Speaking of time well spent...that's where I went on Friday! Thyme Well Spent in Hartland. A very charming tea room that serves on vintage and antique dishes. I went with a group of eleven ladies from my work for a late lunch/girl's day out.

The main floor is set up in three separate dining areas. Each table is set with a linen tablecloth and linen napkins, real silver, vintage silverware, and vintage/antique stemware for water glasses. It looks very inviting when you first walk in.


The tea menu is HUGE!! Every kind of tea you can imagine is on their menu. I ordered a pot of vanilla pear, and it was delicious!! Very mild, and very good! Everyone at my table (there were 4 of us) got a different flavor for their pot. I wish we would have thought to share and try a little of each!! The food menu is drastically smaller than the tea menu, but the food is very well done and delicious! I ordered the chicken salad.

Everyone's first course comes on a red glass plate. It's a tiny loaf of pumpkin bread with a pretty little dollop of butter and a little bit of fruit. It is served with your own little white teapot that sits on a base with a tea light candle to keep the tea warm while you are eating. The second course is either soup or salad. I ordered the salad. It had cranberries and walnuts with a vinaigrette dressing.

I forgot to take a picture of the chicken salad. It was wonderful!! Little pieces of granny Smith apples, with a few pecans, a couple chunks of pineapple and a strawberry cut in half. Very fresh and not loaded down with a ton of mayo-just perfect!!

The whole upstairs is filled with vintage and antique glassware, clothes, hats, jewelry and linens. What a fun place!! I blogged about this place three years ago when my boss took me there for my birthday, and it's just as charming and fun as it was then! Since she still had St. Patrick's Day stuff on some of the tables, she offered us 50% off anything green from the antique shop upstairs.

I found a few hankies that I couldn't live without, and she gave me an extra 20% off! You know I need more hankies-right!?!

I even got a Michigan hanky!!!

 After saying good-bye to everyone, I headed for home, and on the way, I made a little pit-stop at The Bird Cage Antique Shop. I made a quick zip around, but couldn't find anything I couldn't live without. It was really crowded in there. I'm glad more and more people are finding it! It looks like a few dealers have moved out recently, I'm anxious to see what new dealers bring to the shop when they fill in the empty booths!

I made a quick stop at home and both my younger guys decided they wanted to go with me to a couple of stores, so off we went. I bought a few more things that I planned on buying, but that's the way it goes when they tag along. One of their reasons for going, besides getting mom to buy more food, was to get  my opinion on a sectional couch that my oldest wanted to buy. He had priced them out at three different shops, and settled on one and wanted my opinion.

Ultimately it is up to him how he spends his money-he's an adult. It was a nice looking couch and seemed sturdy. I asked a worker if they had it in stock, or if we got the floor model. He assured me they had more in stock. We left, because he needed to think about it for a little while and decide if he really wanted to spend the money.

After pizza and a couple of hours to ponder, he decided he needed that couch, so he and his younger brother, took my car and the youngest's mini van and went to bring it home. They were gone for quite a long time, and when they got home, my youngest was pretty shook up. It seems while they were loading the couch pieces into the vehicles, a police car started slowly circling them. Then it pulled up and the officer asked my youngest for his ID. They both were worried that he might have thought they were stealing the couch because it was taking a long time to get it into the vehicles.

It was actually a case of mistaken identity. The police were looking for a scrawny guy dressed all in black with a scraggly beard. My youngest is 6'5" and could never be described as "scrawny". He has been growing his beard out for several months-much to my dislike. I don't mind a thin, stubbly beard on him, but when it gets long, it is really curly and makes him look much older than his 20 years. I guess his brush with mistaken identity kind of scared him, because once they got the couch in the basement, he went right into the bathroom and let me (since I've been begging him for months to shave it, and threatening to sneak in his room at night to shave it) shave it off.

 Older brothers are great for photo bombing!

 My hands were shaking, I was so excited to shave this off his handsome face!!

 I couldn't believe how light, fluffy and soft it was!

During all the laughs and beard shaving last night, I got a text from my junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage, asking if I got her email. She was asking if I'd be interested in going with her to the giant garage sale/flea market at the Monroe County Fairgrounds (today). When I saw free parking and free admission, I was ready to go!!

It was housed in two buildings and was well worth the drive! We only brought one giant shopping bag each and really should have had more, but it was hard to plan because we'd never been to this sale before. Next year, we will be better prepared! We probably could have used a granny cart because we had to stop a couple of times on the way to the car to shift and adjust our bags to make them more comfortable to carry. Auntie even bought a second bag at one of the booths to help distribute the load.

There was LOTS of vintage, and lots of great prices! I picked up a little vintage, turquoise, plastic creamer for Auntie to sell in her Etsy shop for a dime! Some dealers had really high prices and wouldn't negotiate, but for the most part, prices were negotiable.

 So, do you see the purple plates???

 Yep! Lilac Fiesta!! Other great finds--turquoise and white diamonds mug and the best bargain-a true opal Pyrex 401 mixing bowl for $1!!

 I got an even better deal on the quilt top-it's completely hand stitched too!!

 I got two of these rusty baskets and one went to Auntie.

Love, love, love this cast iron mirror!! What a deal too!!

So this weekend has been time well spent indeed!! Hope you are having a great weekend!!


  1. It was such a fun trip! I'll definitely go again -- I think the next one is in the fall. I'll take the granny cart, though, for sure!

  2. What a fun weekend! And it is still only Sunday. Can it possibly get any better? :-)